LoL S3 WC Grand Final

Who will win the League of Legends World Championship Grand Final hosted by Riot Games and take home $1.000.000,-?

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50.0 %
(28 votes)
50.0 %
(28 votes)
don't know shit about LoL, but i saw Koreans, so they'll win
Looking at royal last performances I'd say they have great chances to win but as a big fan of korean scene and knowing that they always showed the best of themselves when it was needed I wouldnt be suprised to see them pull out a win.
As a result, I cant vote :s
Faker will bring this shit home
Royal will probably take this, but SK got Faker .. so I'd say 50-50%
3:2 for sure, most like for Royal
someone was wrong :{D
:( unexpected
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