Sochi 2014 Olympics - following?

The great Russia Mother Russia is hosting winter olympics at Sochi, opening seremony is tonight and some events have already started.

What is your take on the event, interested or not? And if you are, what sports are you going to concentrate or are you going full coverage? Or on the other hand, do you have some specific reason for not following the games?

Streams to the events can be found here,

Live-stream from the opening event:
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24.7 %
(22 votes)
38.2 %
(34 votes)
21.3 %
(19 votes)
4.5 %
(4 votes)
11.2 %
(10 votes)
I am mainly following hockey and snowboarding (pretty much only chances to get medals for Finland), but will watch other stuff too if I got time.

Set up screen to the shop so I don't miss any events because of work.
awww so cute
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inb4 fins get rolled by the swedes and slovenes
Swedes? Maybe. Slovenians? :D
Sorry to crush your dreams but as usual we are once taking the gold medal again Canada
Not that excited, i love summer olympics more. I hope some dutchies will do good tho :)
What you got going for dutchies, except skating?
snowboarding, but i never watched this so i dont know if they have any chance...
Would be cool if people could post streaming links from time to time ! :)
Added link to the poll, most of the events should be found there during the games.
Oh right, nice, thanks !
Olympics nerd here. Watching as much as i can which means at least 3-5 hours a day.
Favourites : biathlon, ice-hockey
Gonna watch ski jumping and cross-country because of Poland medal chances.

but i'm also going to watch some ice hockey because its cool
im all about summer olympics
Ice Hockey, ski jumping and occasionally curling
just ski jumping
Ice hockey most likely.. hopefully I have a chance to see some alpine skiing, especially downhill competitions. Dunno, basically anything that's interesting. That freestyle ski jumping thing (aerials is the official name, i think) is nice to watch as well. Of course some cross-country skiing.. I just seriously dislike the modern "spectator friendly" mass start competitions.
Yea, it is shit :/ Sure, somewhat more exciting but what's the point to possibly ruin someones race immediately at the start. Sprint is nice though.

And we need to get this event back!

olympics , in , russia

where playing games comes 2nd most importiant and surviving thruout the day is ur first priority
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Ice Hockey all the way
Ice hockey and support finland because zuccarello isnt playing for USA :/
Or on the other hand, do you have some specific reason for not following the games?

Istead of free health care , better roads , cheaper petrol prices , free education , higher pensions for retired persons, regions development, we got well corrupted 50b $ olympic games ... I'm boycotting it as well as more than 60% of the local citizens ... A political revolution has to happen ...
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