ET Reborn LAN 3on3 MVP

Who do you think was the MVP for team Germany credibilis was during their road to ET Reborn LAN 3on3 Tournament 1st Place? Germany FiREBALL, Germany kReSti or Germany s1LENT?
9.6 %
(10 votes)
82.7 %
(86 votes)
7.7 %
(8 votes)
Kresti's game saver on grand final vs visual @ frostbite attack, damn. Voted Kresti.
same here, and it was not only that, he was on fire :D
voted s1LENT, you played sick bro! Specced next to you and you were important during a few games
i am not sure if the mvp must be a member of the cup winner team
In my opinion sqzz was the MVP of the 3on3 tournament. FiREBALL, kReSti and s1LENT all played very good. Voted for Kresti cause of the match winning moment on frostbite.
i vote firebal becous he dont think
good point
Sqzz was on fire in the 3v3 :)
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