ET Reborn LAN 6on6 MVP

Who do you think was the MVP for team Germany Rockit was during their road to ET Reborn LAN 6on6 Tournament 1st Place? Belgium chry, United Kingdom koop, Netherlands M1lk. United Kingdom razz, United Kingdom R0SS or United Kingdom sqzz?

Link to stats from Germany Rockit games: STATS
18.4 %
(25 votes)
13.2 %
(18 votes)
8.1 %
(11 votes)
8.1 %
(11 votes)
12.5 %
(17 votes)
39.7 %
(54 votes)
The way sqzz sits behind his pc like he doesn't care, still rekking eh eh
Thats why I like the picture of Razz and Sqzz playing the 3on3 game. Sqzz sitting relax and Razz is looking so tense.
L4mpje for MVP anyways!
Ye L4mpje should be mvp! :)
chry played an excellent tournament. Ross and razz were the big in game leaders
since visual came 2nd Im pretty sure there's some guy worth to mention
Kresti/sqZz :)
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