LAN predictions?

With less than a month until the much anticipated ET United LAN, it's time to start thinking about which team(s) to support and - even more importantly - who to bet all of your precious GBooky money on!

So, which team do you expect to win the upcoming 6on6 offline tournament?

Europe 'xD Trickjump,

Switzerland 7ele
Poland dialer
Estonia mata
Netherlands Sebhes
United Kingdom Shaman
France yokoo
Europe brain storm

Norway Domi
Denmark gyzr
Netherlands Highway
Norway shiim
Netherlands Testi
Norway w3st
Europe CatiNaHat

Netherlands FreddyB
Finland rsp
Finland smak
Finland Swanidius
Finland tOMBA
Netherlands woott
Europe delirium

Belgium beck
Belgium Kenzi
United Kingdom garin
United Kingdom ScarZy
Netherlands Tw1zZt
Ireland wra1th

Belgium Azur
Belgium Buzzer
Netherlands esSe
Belgium PlAyer
France Snatix
Finland toNi

Belgium Friends In Force

Netherlands ins
Belgium Jere
Netherlands Jo0f
Belgium lio
Belgium siL
Netherlands vANQ
Benelux LowLandLions

Switzerland Aquila
Belgium Kevin
Netherlands NoHead
Netherlands Ronner
Netherlands timbolina
Belgium ViKO
Germany Playing Ducks

Germany Bl4d3
Germany FiREBALL
Germany FLoPJEHZ
Germany KRESTi
Germany sTOWNAGE
Germany stRay
France rushit eSports

Belgium chry
United Kingdom koop
Belgium mAus
Estonia Night
Netherlands SQuid
United Kingdom sqZz
Netherlands viSual

Netherlands Aie
Netherlands Efax
Netherlands GiZmO
Netherlands hybrAtek
Netherlands iNsAne
Netherlands outlAw
7.0 %
(7 votes)
4.0 %
(4 votes)
2.0 %
(2 votes)
1.0 %
(1 votes)
3.0 %
(3 votes)
2.0 %
(2 votes)
2.0 %
(2 votes)
25.0 %
(25 votes)
44.0 %
(44 votes)
10.0 %
(10 votes)
brain storm ofc!
ez lowlandlions
'xD ready to surprise
erAse gonna cunt those nerds
erase ofc
xD ofc

all in
thank you so much <3_<3
forever and even more bro!
Deutchland Deutchland Uber Alles
Lets better ask whos gonna dodge lan and why will it be yokoo
Playing Ducks off course and so not i will kick there asses !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You got this Harry!
Playing Ducks will tryhard and smash this noobs
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