CG / ET United Cups for 2016

Poll request from Foreigner;

"Which type of cup would you MOST like to see CG / ET United run in 2016?"
18.8 %
(21 votes)
19.6 %
(22 votes)
36.6 %
(41 votes)
3.6 %
(4 votes)
19.6 %
(22 votes)
1.8 %
(2 votes)

e: I think the "new" admins did a good job with hosting United Cups etc...
But there is a comminuty which would love to participate aswell.
If you could make these cups for the entire community it would be awesome.
Like Ohurcool's cups where always with a group stage and a division stage.
Well, there were two normal tournaments last year (along with tons of ODCs), which I believe is consistent with what the former CG admins were doing.

But regardless of the results of the poll, I am planning on hosting a summercup with open signups, and a normal tournament is in the works which is set for mid-to-late December.
Normal Tournaments, although I suppose I'm a bit biased since it's the only competition I'd participate in myself. "Special" cups are fine, but it is the regular cup seasons that matter most in terms of keeping ET active. Don't forget about the teams & players who are still playing ET but aren't good enough to compete in United Cups / NC / Allstars.
this! this guy should be an admin

oh wait


Normal Tournaments +1
Draft cup baby
Why just one pick?
I don't have the time to run all of these tournaments alone, especially while running tournaments for the American scene too. With multiple options (which I'm not sure is even possible), I can imagine that a large number of people would vote for everything, which simply isn't possible. I will probably only be able to run one or two of the "special" cups, so I am trying to get an idea of which cups the community is most interested in.
would you be working alone? I think (given my own personal experience) cup admins make these things harder for themselves by hosting too many LONG tournaments. shorter cups generate more interest and less drama ("omg lets postpone game for 2 months, my dog has tennis class for the next 59 days")
Unless someone new, who would fit in the admin role comes around, he probably would. :(
More or less. Sebhes is taking a step back until the next LAN is approaching so he can focus on his studies, and I haven't seen or heard from ChilAx in months. Unless someone else steps up and shows interest in helping, I should plan to run most of these alone.
I think you just need to find some new blood, and when I say new, I literally mean ~3 helpers with NO cup experience to help out :D you just need to spot people who aren't controversy magnets and are helpful people. those could be just regular players.
Oh shit. There goes my wish.
unfortunately, that's easier said than done :(
if he feels like it!
I think its the best to put Netherlands Sebhes & Belgium ChilAx on inactivity , because you dont know when they can help you or where Belgium ChilAx at the moment is :P

And try to get two other admins or new admins who can replace them for a while so they can help you with those upcoming cups.
Chilax is playing Dirtybomb now & I dont think he has time/interest to be an ET admin... :)
Oh noe's :/
Avi to replace him :)
Dammit I wish I'd have such amazing dog! I envy you bro :v
all of the above. this isn't directed at only Foreigner or CG, though.

3o3 one day cup every sunday from ~1/2/3CET
6o6 one day cup every sunday from ~6/7/8CET

3o3 NC (ODC): one per 3-4 months to replace any of the sunday 3o3, and possibly 6o6, one day cup dates (insta bracket cup, 4-5 players per team, no mercs allowed)
6o6 NC (ODC): one per 3-4 months to replace any of the sunday 6o6, and possibly 3o3, one day cup dates (insta bracket cup, 7-8 players per team, no mercs allowed)
6o6 draft (ODC): one per 1-2 months to replace any of the sunday 6o6, and possibly 3o3, one day cup dates (insta bracket cup, 7-8 players per team, no mercs allowed)
Allstar cup (ODC): replace 1 of the sunday 6o6 one day cup dates (insta bracket cup, 7-8 players per team, no mercs allowed) - imo this one should come after drafts, NCs and whatnot have been tested out.
Normal tournaments: run in spring/autumn (3o3/6o6) - attempt to avoid sundays for match dates to maintain overall activity @ ODCs.

this system will bring more opportunities both to people who a) are available every week and b) who are only available for short periods every few weeks or months. it'll also allow teams to scout easily for more reliable players when the normal tournaments arrive (+ LAN later in the year.)

ps. if activity is good, THEN host actual 3o3/6o6 NC tournaments (one each in the entire of 2016) to not coincide with the 3o3+6o6 spring tournaments

avoid cups that rely on people showing up regularly during summer. that's the time for ODCs, ODCs and more ODCs.
tbh community need someone like you
e: when are you going to help me image: 3799980905903483ThySHPzQc
good idea imo, maybe split some into 2 sundays if theres much interest
would be quite hard to maintain same lineups I think
well, not for all i guess but still teams should announce 7-10 players before anyways
put my ideea that Ross stole from me back into game.

meaning, 6on6 teams in a tournament to help not only the less skilled people get some tips and tricks from the very skilled, but also getting people to know each other, thus creating stronger bounds in a community that shrinks with every day
I think you guys should focus first on these three cups:
  • 3on3 and 6on6 NationsCup.
  • 3on3 and 6on6 Cybergames Seasons.
  • Community Draft Cup
I think that is the Top 3 most interesting cups.

OneDayCup's everyone can host them i shouldnt pay that much time on it because i also used to host some OneDayCups and im kinda motivated to start hosting again.

Community draft cup is almost never done since i play ETPro and i think its good for a little change.

Allstars Cup would be nice to watch but most of the community wont play except for the skilled or known ones.

ET United Cups not everyone gets his chance to play in this cup , Its only based on skilled teams in my opinion.Maybe you could make a little play-offs for that.
you could do once a year an allstar cup again like the good old days , for the rest i agree :p
yeah agree with that :)
community draft: let IGLA be one captain and finally see hodor playing
Well it could be a bit funny if this sentence write someone who acually earn something/ win at ET but when it comes from you it's more pathetic than ironic
Every two weeks showmatch of 12 drafted players who would play 2 maps outside standard 6on6 mappool. Not counting igieu.
normal one day cups are the best, full best of 3s
(3on3 and) 6on6 NC
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