Most anticipated film of 2016?

Lots of good movies coming out this year... which one are you looking forward to the most?
18.5 %
(12 votes)
10.8 %
(7 votes)
3.1 %
(2 votes)
4.6 %
(3 votes)
3.1 %
(2 votes)
15.4 %
(10 votes)
7.7 %
(5 votes)
13.8 %
(9 votes)
9.2 %
(6 votes)
13.8 %
(9 votes)
1.Rouge One
2.Batman v Superman
3.Suicide Squad
Other: insert random Drama/Romance crap here.
is this a list of the worst movies of 2016?
It feels good to know majority supports what I'm thinking. Thank you guys. I love you all.
lets make love, come to Belgium and we'll make love all night. Need to dump my gf, but will do that for you without hesitating.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: here we come
trailer already gave away the complete plot of the movie -> boring
But but you see the rise of Lex Luther by what probably will be the worst Lex actor ever.
Best actor for Lex was in Smallville :/
Not sure if you're sarcastic. But I agree with you.
Smallville eventually was labled as a 'woman' show.

I disagree, I watched all episodes, watched last seasons a couple of times.
And that Lex, was indeed THE best lex ever. I don't think I can remember that actor in any other show/movie? Sad, because indeed he was actually good.
Above all, every Lex should be bald. This Lex, in this new movie, jeezes... he doesn't look like a lex.

they probably choose that actor because he can put up a convincing role ('Now you see me' => he will almost be a copy of his character in that movie). On the other hand, maybe I will be wrong.
Acting is still more important then looks.

But for me this Lex would be the same to see a Captain America like this: image: captain_america_philly_comic_con_2013_by_gigabz666-d67nn4b

e: Also that Lois from Smallville was the best Lois ever. But Teri Hatcher was a good Lois too (first Lois I ever saw).
Deadpool is really awesome :)
The porn movie?
wakizashi frag movie
pure pwnage teh movie
Now you see me 2
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