LAN predictions?

Now that signups have officially closed for the much anticipated KBG LAN, it's time to start thinking about which team(s) to support and - even more importantly - who to bet all of your precious GBooky money on!

So, which team do you expect to win the upcoming 6on6 offline tournament?

Europe CatiNaHat

Netherlands Freddy
Finland poksuu
Finland rsp
Finland smak
Finland tOMBA
Netherlands woott
Europe Elysium

Netherlands GiZmOoO
Netherlands hayaa
Netherlands iNsAne
Belgium Jere
Netherlands outlAw
Netherlands Sebhes
United States of America Eurocans

Moldova eujen
United States of America ipod
Netherlands kARMA
Netherlands mEnace
United States of America ohurcool
Sweden Tites
Europe Get Face

Switzerland Aquila
Germany Ava
United Kingdom ScarZy
Germany Specula
Germany suuhk
Netherlands Testi

Europe k1ngs

Belgium lio
Belgium mesq
Belgium PlAyer
Finland Swanidius
Finland toNy
Belgium vila
Europe MoneyTeam

Belgium chry
Finland Matias
Belgium mAus
United Kingdom R0SS
United Kingdom sqzz
Italy XyLoS
Europe Paronix

Netherlands aphesia
United Kingdom Artstar
United Kingdom crumbs
Belgium homiee
Estonia Night
Netherlands Ronner
Europe randomZ

Estonia couchor
Slovakia Kimi
Germany mental
Poland samraj
Slovenia verunA
United Kingdom Williams

Sweden Ekto
Germany FimS
Germany mKs
Germany psiquh
Germany ScaTmaN_
Germany w1Za

Germany Teamoxid

Germany Bl4d3
Germany FloPJEHZ
Germany kReSti
Germany sTOWNAGE
Germany stRay
Germany Teamoxid silver

Germany chosen
Germany Cobra
Germany Funi
Germany laNgo
Finland lEku
Germany zero
Poland Team Solo B

Poland Abject
Poland BloOdje
Poland dialer
Poland h2o
Poland wiaderko
Poland WuT
Europe xD Trickjump

United Kingdom fantasy
Netherlands kApot
United Kingdom Shaman
Finland Sherclock
Netherlands shjzn
Netherlands timbolina
3.2 %
(3 votes)
14.0 %
(13 votes)
4.3 %
(4 votes)
4.3 %
(4 votes)
5.4 %
(5 votes)
21.5 %
(20 votes)
1.1 %
(1 votes)
3.2 %
(3 votes)
2.2 %
(2 votes)
19.4 %
(18 votes)
3.2 %
(3 votes)
15.1 %
(14 votes)
3.2 %
(3 votes)
Elysium gonna take it on their first LAN boys
Eurocan gonna take it on their first LAN boys
Everybody voting on themselves or..?
ofcouse not LOL ... ... .
TheMoneyTeam creating fake accounts to vote on theirselves
Teamoxid/MoneyTeam/Team Solo B
where is my team excuse you
GET Face gonna take it on their first LAN boys
RandomZ going hard with 3 votes
but oxid silver is only 1 step behind
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