LAN predictions?

With less than two weeks to go until the start of the ETernity LAN, it's time to make your predictions for which team you expect to win the upcoming 6on6 offline tournament. Cast your votes below!


Netherlands Enigma
France Francis
United Kingdom niSmO
Germany PaRzi
United Kingdom Potty
Germany Rayzed
Europe aBSTURZ

Germany Ava
Denmark gyzr
Netherlands mENACE
Germany Specula
Netherlands stib
Netherlands Testi
Finland CatiNaHat

Slovakia Kimi
Finland raspberry
Netherlands rezta
Slovenia seareal
Finland smak
Finland tOMBA
Europe devotis

United Kingdom fantasy
Belgium JuiCy
Finland mAhla
France quAke
Netherlands Ronner
Poland samraj

Benelux dETi

Belgium aNGER
Netherlands base
Belgium ChilAx
Belgium eron
Netherlands kApot
Netherlands xtrm
Belgium EDiT

Belgium chry
Belgium jetro
Belgium lio
Belgium mAus
Belgium mesq
Belgium vila
Europe Elysium

Netherlands GiZmOoO
Netherlands hayaa
Netherlands iNsAne
Belgium Jere
Netherlands outlAw
Netherlands Sebhes


Netherlands Bossah
Netherlands mAxwell
Netherlands Nitro
United Kingdom Shaman
Finland Sherclock
Netherlands Thomm1e
Germany MiG

Switzerland Aqi
Germany Bl4d3
Germany FloPJEHZ
Germany kReSti
Germany stRay
Europe Name

Czech Republic BOBiKA
Germany gr0ss
Germany mental
Germany s1LENT
Germany stownage
Finland Swanidius
Poland tMoe

Poland Abj
Poland BloOdje
Poland dialer
Poland h2o
Finland lEku
Finland toNy
18.1 %
(19 votes)
2.9 %
(3 votes)
2.9 %
(3 votes)
4.8 %
(5 votes)
2.9 %
(3 votes)
10.5 %
(11 votes)
20.0 %
(21 votes)
1.0 %
(1 votes)
12.4 %
(13 votes)
5.7 %
(6 votes)
19.0 %
(20 votes)
all in tmoe
EDiT do it easy
only 4 Polaks :o
ET is dead :(
voted , unbeatable
We wont disappoint you toNyy. Ive been bootcamping in Finland Tampere with our manager and I can tell you that nerds wont be ready for our next level tactics.
Unbeaten on et_ufo_final since 2008 #culan
any other team than would be an upset.

elysium will take this. tmoe and mig will battle for the 2nd respectively 3rd place.
J'ai voté EDIT mais je pense que LeFrancis va tout défoncer !!
Un vrai visionnaire ! *_* viens duel <3
Tu sais bien que j'ai pas ET :/
Je sais mais, dans ma toute puissance, je peux réanimer les morts !
lool !!!! Tu mérites bien ta place de divin alors :)
0:) Merci beaucoup !
SI SI Les choses se passent à fond Belhu, on va régulariser tout ça t'entends?
pas de problème, on va prier pour ta victoire !
As a professional member of, I can confirm we are going to cunt it all. Culan
I hope we don't crumble under pressures of being tipped to finish in the top 3.
ez absturz good team gg
Divide et impera 3 votes? base, anger, eron? will win as long as francis makes croissants for ME
look francis someone is going to eat your "croissant"
Opening a bakery in Krefeld confirmed
eeuwige trekpop
Mike mijn vriend, hoe is t leven?
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