With the new fully automated system we're able to cast a vast amount of matches at the same time (considering only Enemy Territory currently this limit would be 50 matches at the same time with a total of over 9000 viewer slots while over 100 matches could be watched on demand).

The question has become: Is it wise to push towards these limits allowing everyone to request his matches regardless of the communities interest (we've had some matches with less than 10, sometimes just 1 viewer). This results in a very clogged schedule which makes it hard to find the interesting stuff even though we try to highlight the more interesting stuff.

We could reject the least interesting matches altogether robbing the requestees of the possibility to watch their match on demand later.
We could implement means to customize the schedule so everybody can hide the uncare matches.

This should not be only a poll but also a discussion about what steps to take to encounter this problem - what do you think?
25.2 %
(269 votes)
12.1 %
(129 votes)
19.6 %
(210 votes)
43.1 %
(461 votes)
I would not limit the matches -- even if only 1 person is interested in watching a match and there is a spare ETTV, why not?

If it is about lucidity we could have a default view that does not include all matches? But generally I think the more the better :)
Voted for 'Moderate events and reject the boring stuff' but now that I think about it a little bit more, I think it's a bit harsh. I do like the fact that it would make playing on ETTV special again, but perhaps it would be better to go for the first option.
Make it even easier for cheaters to cheat!
No ETTV, No PB, No nothing!

Keep it as it is I would say or maybe a mild moderation to hide the 'boring' games
ETTV should be providing entertainment, not a cheat busting service

but thats my opinion
ofcourse ettv is to watch other people, to entertain other people. But you can spec people, so people will wh less, because they think they can get busted if they wh on ettv. So what do you think for less wallhack? Ettv on? or out
Of course: "Implement means to customize the schedule-view per useraccount" would always be a good option, not that I am against that...
Try to globally hide boring stuff and only display it on request:

Cba to watch some 6 month newschoolers games etc. They are spämming the schedule and you cant find any good games. Playing ETTV used to mean something, now it's just bulshit
You are one of them.
lol wat? you got the wrong person in mind
You are a noname who hasnt had any good clans. So yes, you go under that bullshit random game category
I never claimed to be someone I just agreed with you on the ettv used to mean something
now its just bullshit
and u are 2
not really. Been playing as much as you have.
so true man...
Actually its kinda nice ettv is for everybody.. doesnt really matter if its a high or low skilled game, i guess everybody has friends who are interested to watch..
The random 3v3 cup ettv matches however are just too random and mostly just announced 5 or10 minutes before the actual match starts, so gtfo with those ones.
I dont want to make those games dissapear. Just hide them
haha i remember how excited people would get back in the day when they had to play on ETTV!

im a 100% with you
Imo let the boring matches use coverage, but keep them away from gtv matchservers, annoyin that they take all the decent servers so the teams that will actually get viewers are stuck with lagging/foreign ones.

Though for this ud need an even more advanced rating system, or admins that will check upon every game.
true that, lets keep the good servers for professionals like Lazio
"Try to globally hide boring stuff and only display it on request"

HIDE every game with 1 star in the little box to the right. Only show those matches in the Calendar.

I seriously don't give a shit about ANY of these random 3v3-shit or baserace-shit, yet it's polluting my GTV! HIDE FFS.
we need to hide YOU @ crossfire!!
voted for 3rd, but there should be an option to hide senseless 1day cups, random polack matches and other shit like that...would like to see esl premier, ems, nc , oc 1st-2nd, ec and some other "more skilled" cups if there ll be are not in my interest

although i also liked a bit more when, back then, playing on ettv actually meant something

still, ettv is good against lower leagues also need it.

Hide option is the best i guess then
imo the thingy that u had a favourites list that appeared bold in the list was great idea, but u could only mark 10 teams or something
thats why we added league subscriptions aswell, to make it easier
so true, playing with ettv some years ago was some kind of achievement, a step many players wanted to pass, it was like having access to a certain fame
werent people complaining about how little games there were on gtv a while ago? and now when there are more games there is more complaining.. standard

There's nothing wrong with the amount of matches.
You could filter all the 1on1/2on2/3on3 matches away, unless it's some final match of a cup or actually well known highskillers against each other. Speaking of which, maybe you could actually take every cup match off, unless it's semi final or playoffs or whatever. Now that OC is coming there are a lot of useless matches in ETTV, 20% of them probably wont even be played. EC is ofc exception.

Though I'm actually quite grateful for every noob to able to get ettv. Has given me and my noobclan a lot of attention lately, also given opportunity for our friends/fanboys to come watch us getting pwned. Even though the numbers aren't above 20 with viewer peak ever, it's still better than sending demos to 20 people.

I guess I like how it is now. Get sponsors.
filtering all those matches isnt possible
people would just enter "final" every time
Well, they could use the same policy as in match results: Give wrong info - Lose the right to request ETTV.
not possible
too much work checking every match on cb/esl/random 1day cup pages
Well, they could make some button where normal users would be able to "report inappropriate match".
the et community is retarded so its going to be abused the whole time => massive work for admins
As the server load isn't an issue for gamestv, then we should keep the low matches also, since they provide some sort of anti-cheat without having massive lagspikes all the time (cfr. PB).

All we need is a premier section, where the top matches are grouped together and can't get pushed down by low matches that nobody cares about. I put something together in paint:

image: 3518v3d

You could automatically put matches of a certain league in there (EC & EMS) or manually add them (or let match creators request their match to be featured in the premier section). Either way, this system should've been in for years, always wondered why it wasn't.
good idea, you must be the guy that saved ET
+ (äpshsdfgstjetoöäjer)
because its needed
ETTV is not an anti cheat tool
nor should it ever be used for that purpose.
How about that:
Set up a smaller server first for the less interesting matches, like 15 slots or something, to save slots instead of setting up a 100 slot server in which 90% wouldn't be used.
Another server is added in case the 15 slot server runs full ofc.

But don't reject matches.

e: OK I GOT IT :o
This procedure is already in use, there's no no overcoverage at the time.
Welcome to gtvd, added slots are based on stars (ofc new slots get added when the server is getting full) so thats already in ;)
new that about the automatic addition but the other is new to me
Also, it doesn't really matter whether an ettv server with 10 used slots has 20 or 200 in total total -- it will use the same amount of resources. And currently there is enough ETTV servers to cover all matches twice or more. Not so with matchservers, though.
just have certain leagues in different sections or something, don't see why the "lower skilled" teams shouldn't get their matches on ettv because they aren't known or whatever. If people don't want to see them they can only click on the certain leauges, for example.
You all are like "hey,lets make it more special like in past". Yeah, it would be fine if it was like in past, but we arent in past and we cant get there. We play 5v5 and also we fight with fact, that not-so-many ppl are interested in playing it.
But actually, ETTV helps keep ET alive, no matter if these matches are low or not. More means better. Betting and watching matches live are things, that helps keep ET alive.
On the other hand, I understand, that there would be fine some kind of "filter". Would be fine if it could be filtered by format/league(good/random)/ranking, where ranking would be made by ppl rating matches or gtv crew.
"Tonight's top matches" - "The rest" - just develop the What's Hot box.

Your biggest priority should be redeveloping the massive waste that ruins the centre of your page & remove the news section. 'n steal the hot demos from hltv
random vote because cant stand having an unanswered poll around
Implement means to customize the schedule-view per useraccount:

the other options are facist bullcrap
Sometimes there are only 1-10 peole who watched it cause the gtv admins take the request 1 min before the game is played :S

but i think There's nothing wrong with the amount of matches...

but i like Krosans & green clown´s comment 2 :)
Sometimes there are only 1-10 peole who watched it cause the gtv admins take the request 1 min before the game is played :S"

Thats because a lot of people add their match 1 minutes before the game is starting while they have a few hours, maybe days to do it. You cant expect us to be avi 24/7 to accept everything within a minute.
pay someone to do that!
give us some money
I'd be rich :d
no thats a lie i allways do my requests 1 day or 20 hours before the game start ^^

btw u have alot of inactive admins why u dont give a few admin rights to very active people which request very often ?
requested matches needs to be controlled. you, for example, added matches and also created news teams instead of using old (existing) ones.
and what now ? everyone have to learn which teams already exists and how to use the gtv system :D

but i think u have knowlege from beeing a baby :)
ze evil man !
its funny cause its true!
Implement means to customize the schedule-view per useraccount

Just put some kind of global-rating on a match (EC = 5, low-- matches are 0) and allow user-based filtering on rating.

(You can even make it so that the community votes for the rating...)
Well it's a hard decision because:

a) show boring matches: that 5 ppl can be happy.
b) hide boring matches: Wait, we will never see bozar play on ettv ?
b) yes, u can by going to the Calendar and see all matches being played.
Yes I do! How do you keep finding these gems?

You like this one?
Too trancy for me!
Answer the other question!
but the matches where bozar plays are never boring!
I would like to see, more advanced accept of gtv requests, since sometimes it takes almost whole day before some admin will accept the game, and mostly u need to spam it at irc so they see it. Would be better to have some more admins, so they could do faster job and therefor getting faster request foward and more viewers.
i am always accepting any gtv matches related to CB
after the 1 hour of spam ofc :D
Oh, you really think that spam makes it better? We already got a bot, which is notifiying us when some1 added a match. If you don't provide enough matchinfo (example: cb or esl matchlink) it takes longer to accept a match.
Ofc spam doesnt solove nothing, thats the last option we have, when the time is almost before the match start. I used the pm option only when it was in hurry when i noticed after half hour noone didnt accepted allready, so i pmmed some admins, including u sometimes and i appricate the fast help u guys did, my optinion was just to maybe get couple of more admins for it.
Implement means to customize the schedule-view per useraccount

what does that mean?
basically just options which set which matches are viewed on the right side on gtv, as far as i understood it
meh... need something more useful than that
more useful than what?
my explanation or the options o.O ?
need a system that is much more efficient than that, i don't like filters, need a rating system or smth, need to think about it.
there is a rating system ...
with these options u can set that every 0star game is hidden, or that all 3 star games are on the top of the lists, etc.
Impact eWAVE was 1 star, it's not efficient, and it's not the first time you get ratings like that
I suppose you can edit your personal settings to show or not show certain types of matches.
Interesting Matches:
Some Crossfire Hosted Competitions
OC Premier and 2nd/3rd league max

Uninteresting Matches

- 1 day cups by polaks
- 1 day cups by busted cheaters
- 1 day cups by dooppi
- 1 day cups by fedguli
All those that are not cb/esl related + nonames.

Keep ettv for these uninteresting matches cos we dont have pb, and ettv is the only inefficient "method" to bust cheaters
"1 day cups by polaks maltese's"
but first of all get rid of the cheat ads

image: 24gk8t1
i only see 2 cheat ads

Classify matches, allow users to edit matches they can see in right hand box based on these classes.
Matches can be/are already classified atleast on the admin side into different leagues iirc.
indeed would be best if you just split the games into 2 categories: interesting and not-so-interesting matches

for a few years already the schedule has been flooded so much with all those worthless oneday-cup / random ladder games that it's hard to spot the decent games you might want to see out of there

not saying that you should drop those games out of gtv though as I'm sure it is important for many people to have ETTV in their games even if they have just a few friends watching it. just keep them separate from quality games, please
Filter for gametypes.
I agree with Krosan. Just like crossfire, all matches should go into "Other News" and admins should be able to promote them to "Main News".
There's nothing wrong with the amount of matches
show all, let user choose whether to show all or not or krosan's idea
1) Let gtv decide whether a match is interesting or not and hide the uncare stuff
2) Every user gets a mask where he can enter options that decide whether he considers matches care or uncare
ITS OVER 9000!
finally ur open for the idea
Try to globally hide boring stuff and only display it on request. most definitely
Do it on request as in:


EC [x]
OC [ ]
Crossfirelan [x]

If none of those apply force matches to tag their broadcast with ''Onedaycup''

and that also gets a scheckbox Onedaycup [ ]

add this into each user control menu and your done!
its perfect as it is now
From a viewer's point of view, there's nothing wrong with the amount of matches.

From your point of view, I really don't know if that causes extra troubles for you.

There is nothing wrong with the amount of matches, it's usually still easy to find to good ones. Perhaps make a seperate "coming up box" the the right with the more skilled ones?

Anyways, eventhough I usually don't watch those random games, I think its fun for the friends of those teams to watch ETTV or for the teams to watch the replay together.

Keep up the good work :)
just do the top5 games in each gametype on the right rather than all games ? ('top' as in bets placed?)

can click the 'see all games' to well.. see all games :p
There's nothing wrong with the amount of matches: solved the problem !!

image: 24gk8t1

image: 24321615
well if there are any other links to cheat(suppliers) or whatever, just let us know, something like adawolfa is obvious ofc, but we don't know all these sites :P
Parent 1on1 league
The word "boring" is largely subjective; thus, it makes more sense for viewers to be given an option to hide and unhide matches as they wish rather than implementing a "standard" for everyone.
just make it like some people already requested. make different sections for the games, so u can decide for yourself what u r going to watch and u can easily keep track of the high skilled and the low skilled games.
I think keep it like it is allowing everyone to be able to play on gamestv.

If you have to cut then i think the matches you can cut are normal ladder matches, cause the important matches are always cup battles OC, EC, NC & EMS and the LAN battles cause they are more crutial for every team.

Edit: If the pending poll is based on money related issue then i would cut off the normal ladder matches and focus your strenght on coverage for every Cup match (OC, EC NC & EMS) and Lan match.
Nothing money related, as stated below the poll; " 50 matches at the same time with a total of over 9000 viewer slots while over 100 matches could be watched on demand)."

don't watch the "boring stuff" if you don't want to...
there is nothing wrong with gtv.
100m wide poll yet again

voted for random dung.
very useful reply! thanks.
dont care but reserve the bigger ettvs to good matches and smaller ones for bullshit. no need for 200+ slots for some oc crap
Already have that system, welcome to 2010 dawg :p
what about ettv servers that have 50 slots and 100 ettv slots, should make it to choose the 50 (lowest) ettv server for low matches if thats possible
also happening, afaik 0 and 1 star matches cant even get 100slot servers (from gtvd that is, there are still a few (2) broadcasters left with ettvd who can add their tv directly)
i was thinking, is it possible for 2/3 start matches to somehow connect all ettv servers, so all specs are in teh same server? or its impossible? sometimes i dont watch ettv cos i dont wanna be on a server alone or with 5 ppl :D
Could just have the picks of the day like a TV guide. Just have one admin look through the list and pick 3 or 4 big games. Then the user can just click on todays big games.
it's fine atm
QuoteThere's nothing wrong with the amount of matches:
(354 votes)

image: 1231615695364
enable users to filter leagues. i for one would be happy if i could set gtv to only show EC, EMS and NC matches.
just set some filters like

[1 STAR ] click -> League -> Clanbase -> Games
[2 STARS ] click -> League -> Clanbase -> Games
[2 STARS ] click -> League -> Clanbase -> Games

would make the life easy for every1 :)
Possibly take away anything lower than OC Prem (maybe OC div 2)? I can't see anybody really watching them unless they are just mates within the teams. Also just have these "random" cup finals as well seeing as people usually enjoy the finals ;D
If there are enough servers to cover up to 50 matches at the same time (which will never happen, most likely), why take ettv away from lower skilled players?

It isn't that hard to check the entire schedule and look for the best matches... And nowadays with this rating system some matches appear in Bold so I think it makes it easy to find them.

Another different thing is the way the entire schedule is presented. I think you could really include the competition's name somewhere and a filter or something like that to show/hide the competitions we want or not.

When you hover a match in the schedule the full team names and the league is shown in the box above.
additionally you can "subscribe" to certain teams, leagues or just single matches which will highlight them in the schedule.
it actually was an honour to play on ettv a couple years ago

now it's shit
Really! First time Iv played on ettv I felt pretty important in this game (LOOOL-.-) quite sad but its true. Now everyone can play with ettv, pretty normal nowadays.
and whats wrong with that?
nothing wrong but back in days people felt ETTV like an amazing thingie, now people can play even a pracc at ETTV, we need exciting games of important competitions (EC,OC1st,ESL1st) no boring games, just my point of view.
and those important competitions are still casted as they were always before
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