Enemy Territory Player of the Year 2011

Enemy Territory Player of the Year 2011

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Belgium Jere E-Series EC XXIV SAGE BFB
Jere was one of the most consistent players in 2011, finishing on the podium in big competitions no less than four times, though a first place eluded him. His performances began to shine towards the end of the year as he had a standout showing in the Battle For Berlin and arguably deserved better than third place.

Boasting one of the best aims in Enemy Territory today, kReSti rose from relative anonymity to become part of one of the best teams in 2011. He provided the raw aim for Nordic as they reached 3rd in EC XXIII and again in G2P with his fellow German partner-in-crime Bl4d3.

Belgium mAus SAGE BFB
The Belgian legend had a quiet year by his standards, only finishing on the podium twice in all of 2011. He was instrumental in Anexis’s victory at SAGE but took a back seat after the Dignitas/Anexis merger. He is perhaps the best aimer to ever play Enemy Territory, but you know that already.

Estonia Night EC XXIV SAGE BFB
Mr. Enemy Territory ended his long hiatus from the top of the scene but returned to his winning ways only with his last minute inclusion in the Queens lineup that won EC XXIV last month. Able to play any class on the fly, he possesses an instinctive game-changing ability that many others do not, and his leading skills are possibly the best in the history of top Enemy Territory teams.

United Kingdom razz EC XXIII BFB EC XIV
The most active player in Enemy Territory made it count in 2011 as he spearheaded an ever-changing Queens lineup to consistent success, winning first place in each online tournament. He made his first LAN appearance at SAGE and though his individual performance was adequate, he was part of a Spot 16 team which succumbed to Lazio. The young Scot is perfectly capable as medic or field ops and regularly tops the damage in big games.

United Kingdom R0SS SAGE EC XXIV BFB
Overrated? Underrated? Much maligned, that’s for sure. Everyone has an opinion about R0SS but he doesn’t let that affect his game. He kept together the Impact team of old and guided them to a decisive first place at SAGE and later hooked up with Queens to add more gold. Originally a medic, R0SS has naturally transitioned into a jack-of-all-trades player who more often than not plays the supporting role, ensuring the objective gets done and allowing his teammates to run rampant on the opposition.

United Kingdom sqzz SAGE EC XXIII EC XXIV BFB
The young Welshman has come a long way from his 7sqd days and was an integral part of every successful team in 2011. Had he not been let down by his Anexis team-mates in their forfeit loss in the grand final of the Battle For Berlin, he might well have won every competition he entered this year. Sqzz’s fanbase is ever growing and it’s easy to see why - he boasts fantastic aim, ever impressive medic work and the best movement in Enemy Territory.

Much like his long-time teammate, mAus, it was a quiet year for arguably the best rifle in ET history. The Italian was a part of the SAGE winning and BFB forfeiting Anexis lineup, yet he played no part in either EuroCup of 2011. As far as rifle’s are concerned, he is a pillar of stability, offering vast experience in pressure situations and the ability to clutch multi-kill to save the day.
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