Looking for Trickjump Record file

hi crossfire users,
i making a new ET movie.so i need your help or recorded file
i dont care about high/low skill, but u satisfy the following conditions

-all maps (but i will not use no texture map)
-all model (if u select medic on allies, take off helmet)
-no adrenaline
-demo file from dedicated server

if u have a(an) demo file(s). pls u send demo file to aquaky@gmail.com or PM on crossfire
sorry im a bad tjer :(
are you now?
cant really take off your helmet without anyone shooting you.
without any pk3's, I meant
pm HardyRah

here, a pk3 that removes the helmet from an allied medic

you can change so many things in et, simply using notepad :)
not as much as GTA 3 I assure you.

Uzi's with infinite range and the damage of a rocket launcher $$$
quaky you make the best movies and they have the best soundtracks. suggets me some tunes plz.

/arselick off
omfg.. wtf are you even asking?
super engrish
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