Ok heres the deal, sometimes, random, my comp shuts my screen off, the sound goes stuck and i need to reboot, what to do, what is this, and thanks for your help, i really want this fixed
if it freezes and u need to reboot, shut it down open your case and check if anything is too hot
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Clean PC inside and if it doesnt work

Download some registry fixers and anti-virus/spyware proggies

If it still doesnt work

clear registry
this pic is nothing without

image: 2007061914
image: pedobear4dz
I guess it's either overheating or not enough power
I had the same problem with my old pc, it was standing on the ground next to my desk and dust came into my ventilators and when they became to full my computer freezes.. I guess because of overheating :)
So check the inside of your pc!
Most likely overheating.
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