Battle of Wolken 6 [beta 1] Released

OK it's finally here, the first release of Wolken6, the was intended for 6 on 6 stopwatch and has been tested a fair bit in these conditions, while it's not quite there yet it still should make for ok match, any suggestions pm me or something.

Battle of Wolken 6: Portal


Allied forces are preparing to launch a major attack on one of the 3 Portal sites that are located within Wolken, currently under Axis occupance. In order to succeed they must first knock out the reinforced anti-tank gun. Under the cover of darkness Allied engineers were able to construct a special explosive device in order to do this, but the Axis managed to stop them arming it. Now Allies must find a way of getting the deivce operatioal again and blow the antitank gun in order to gain control of the site.


1)Capture the Forward Spawn
2)Destroy the Main Entrance
3)Destroy the Side Entrance
4)Build the Command Post
5)Deliver the special dynamite to the explosive device
6)Arm the explosive device with the key card

Screen shots
image: alliesfirstspawn
image: collapsed_bridge
image: eastportal
image: sideentranceexit

Additional media
Some fancy screen shots thanks to ag0n the great!

Full collection here


camp ftw
how sweet, finally a new map!
Great map <3 chris
look's horrible :E
Like you face :\
like you know
I can see you... I can see what your wearing... Im touching myself
portal! why isnt the object like : dynamite GLaDOS and capture the companion cube?
First you use triforce from Zelda and now Umbrella logo from Resident Evil-series? :D Respect
LoL, never noticed the umbrella logo thing before, wasn't intentional honest :)

The zelda stuff is though, there nice surprise in the map somewhere (rather easy to find).
any pokemon stuff?
nab map
nice movie cfg :P
Looks a nice map. Dunno how it works at 6v6. Lets try someday :)

Additional media
Some fancy screen shots thanks to Agon the great!

Its ag0n!!!! Agon looks bad! <3
Changed it :) , well as for 6 on 6 suitability, it seemed to work ok but wasn't perfect on last stage but thought might as well release it and see how it goes, it's only first beta after all.

This is also my last ET map, although they are 2 more including this that not gone final just yet but from now I'm concentrating on ET:QW, I just hope with that game you get more useful feedback than what ET scene did with it's maps.
only feedback in ET is:

- shit map
- cool map
looks like bad fps for me
i wanna play hide and seek there ^_^
Looks very pretty! :o
nice map
ET need more new map who gonna offi!
i was a tester =D

its a great map, played some games on it, good obj, good idea & good fun =]

& good fps
nice map but flogging a dead horse here chris
Well I started this map ages ago and thought at least see it through to some release, I be doing same with the other 2 unreleased maps just for closure really rather than anything else, I already started on map making for ET:QW albeit with doom3 which I can import when we finally get the tools.
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