looking for nice clan

2 med skilled players looking for nice clan around med skill.

About us:
(Estonia) shaaKal - med aimer, good team play, med/rg/heavy. (Decent engrish)
(Croatia ) suVi - med aimer, fine team play, med/fdops. (Decent engrish)

We looking for:
Around med skilled clan.
Nice guys with mature behave.
Decent engrish in comms.

Contact: PM here, irc: #UberCup - shaaKal(just random server idler atm. :p).

NB! We also got gameserver, what clan can use if were in. :*

Flame plz. ^^
gl, you will hear from us tomorrow.
Decent engrish?

english you mean;)
they mean engRish imo
14 equals maturity.
Some people ain't mature after 30years even. ^^
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