FiF needs players

Hello all,

FiFBenelux is looking for 3 new Dutch/Belgian ET players.

These are our active members in the Green-squad:

Netherlands BarBon
Belgium Bryan
Belgium Gebeur
Netherlands Jo0f
Netherlands Lsr
Belgium Oxoo
Netherlands rayman!
Belgium siL

We are looking for a med+ rifler in order to complete our Green 6o6 squad.

These are our active members in the Yellow-squad:

Netherlands ArTiFexx
Netherlands Boire
Belgium iMmortal
Belgium kiNk1
Netherlands Testinator
Belgium wOetre

We are looking for 2 med / med+ multiclassers, who are willing to step into a team that is working on becoming a steady med squad.

What do we need?

- Active, dedicated players (prefer sunday till thursday from 19.30 - 22.30)
- At least med / med+ skilled
- Dutch-speaking
- minimum age of 17

We absolutely don't need clanwhores, rambo's, whiners and kids.

What can we offer?

- A well organized, steady clan
- Own Ventrilo Server
- 2 private gameservers
- IRC Bouncers for all full-members

- Playing in the 6o6 EU-Ladder
- Playing in the 3o3 EU-Ladder
- Playing in the 6o6 OC Fall
- Playing in the 3o3 OC Fall
- Playing in the 6o6 / FiF Cup
- Playing in whatever other ET cup is coming!

Contact info:
#fif.gaming (quakenet) (pm ReneGade)

We hope to CU soon!


high -- max
ur still alive m8 ?

how little jamie lee pope doing ?
is that TEH WOETREUH????
- At least med / med+ skilled , pz dont underrate your team :/
nothing about rating our team. But all about rating the players we want. ^^
Greece Immortal ? Gl anywayz.
wrong one..

this is BelgiumiMmortal or BelgiumiMmi
n1 im just old enough to play with you!
good luck mates :)
gl boire
I tried registering on your website but I never got a confirmation email
You should be able to login now, as I accepted your registration.
Dankie, it works now
i dont know any of your member but gl x]
you know me :P
gl Boire
pokemon red? im low+ rifle pm me =0
we zoeken med/med+ sorry
maar ik zal HARD! "traine"
nice skillboost?
Gl allemaal
GL guys!
gl guys
gluck, hope you'll find a med+ player , but imo lu isnt med+ at all, anyway dont mind me: gl!
fake Immortal pls go kill yourself :PPP
gl nice guys
higlander: their can only be one
GL, alleen denk ik dat med+ beetje hoog gegrepen is.

Maja ben avi, wel alleen als back-up :P
yes and everybody in ET has a different nick ;)

you guys are living in pokémon-land i guess :)
GL gastjes!!!
GL gasten!
np 4 the wOeTrEh :D

hellow too d.siL
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