cod4 with my pc?

hoihoi would cod4 run on my pc with "good" fps?

cpu: amd athlon 64 2800+
gfx: geforce fx5700ve
ram: 1 gb
motherboard: asus k8n

thx bb

which things are too low ? gfx, cpu ? which one should i buy?
if you put everything on uberlow, I guess it would.
yes 10 fps
nope demo didn't work with my FX5500 and Athlon64 3200+ @ 2,6 GHz

smth about Shader Model 2.0 not avi

think you'll have the same problem
which things are too low ? gfx, cpu ? which one should i buy?
buy a new pc...
k i'll be serious now
i ran it perfectly with my athlon64 3000+, 1 gb ram and gf 7300, so imo only gfx card can be a problem
perfectly means how many fps? :P
well i didnt check but @ sp i had no fps lags @ mid settings
tyia! I bought that game 30 minuts ago so I gonna check it:p
you need new gfxcard for CoD4 every card from GF6600 or Ati X1600 would be good enough to get it running atleast not talking about good fps :P
double the ram, get a 8800 something and an E6600 something
he want to play cod4, not crysis
even E4400 is enough, and its pretty cheap
If he buys a GeForce 8800 he has fun for 4 years, with cheaper card only fun for 2 years .
Quoteeven E4400 is enough, and its pretty cheap

Thats a processor, and with that processor and 8800 GT cod4 will work pretty well imo :L
I replied to wrong one, sorry my bad x)
tbh he can beter wait for the 9 series
just test with the demo
öhm no
Get E6600 and 8800GTS imo!
Nope buy new pc. Its better anyways if you buy new pc
i have geforce FX5200, good enough? ;D
no u need 6600
why not but it will be laggy :D
easy NOT
I got about the same specs and with the lowest settings and 800x600 resolution I can get pretty decent fps, so it should be playable
ofc yes, I played demo @ athlon 2800+, radeon 9600pro and 512 ram without problems and with not bad fps
got the same specs only my ram is 1024 MB and it works perfectly here 2
question is:
how much money do u have for a new pc?
u wont be able to participate on a good level in cod4 with this PC, cuz fps will be much too low

my system @ profile -> 100 fps stable -> 125 fps mostly stable with very few drops only
I have an ATI Radeon 9200 Series, can I play it with uber uber uber low settings?

no :(
I have a Mobile Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (224mb Shared)

Will it run ? :O
you'd get 60 with that, you can run cod4 well with 60 fps.
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