Searching for players

So Belgium guest and me are searching for 3 or 4 players to form a CoD4 squad with.

We can only offer you the 2 of us to play with and an already decided clanname aswell :)
We would play 3 days a week since we have some other obligations to do, so this clan fits those who can't be fully active.

What we demand of you is that you are from the United Kingdom United Kingdom, or that you possess the English language very fluently. Besides this you also need to be somewhat known, skilled etplayers have a step ahead on people who come out of nowhere ( as a matter of speech ). People who have played CoD2 are ofcourse welcome :)

You should contact me over xfire since I'm not on mirc alot anymore lately.

Tnx in advance :)
"you posses the English language very fluently"

buy me a new PC xD
gij ga ier wel eerst EC uitspelen ze vriend :-)
obviously :)
no, he's gonna emoragequit.
sterf jij kankerlullenter
tbh dudes from uk speak worst english on vent
"that you posess the English language very fluently"

maybe learn english yourself :D
typo's _do_ happen, no need to act like an arrogant twat about it

but hey, plenty of reason to already be ashamed of my nation so doesn't really matter
:D, it's not a typo btw, you just don't get the english language :o, you cant possess fluently :d, but nvm :)
i might be interested
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