MovieMakersHack -- another update


Here's a small update which adds a feature some people requested: 'capture sessions'.

Basically what it does is.. gives you ability to organize captured screenshots. For example, you are starting ET and are going to capture multiple scenes. Once you do, you have a mess out of all screenshots in your screenshots folder. With this feature, you can just enter "h_nextCaptureSession" command to console and on next capture, screenshots will be saved into a new folder.

Folders are named in this style:
screenshots/capture0000/ -- initial folder, this one is always set as working dir when ET starts
image: tmb_b8c137ac1f234fb4ed2056bc5369bc44

Oh, also there is an option to toggle capture mode between JPG/TGA now, use "h_toggleCaptureMode" console command. Plus, there is now a cvar "h_jpegQuality" for manual JPG quality (1-100).

As usual, source code for the hack is included in download package.
Or an alternative source code repository (this one is always updated):
SVN trac:

Enjoy. :)
sounds very nice, good job
really nice chaplja <3
and ET-ACE?
it's going fine, if that's what you're asking
and ET-ACE?
No hax 4 it!!
very nice, im always used it when im capturing, nice update gonna dl when im at home
This won't work with It's a Wrap though...
even when it's set to TGA capture mode?
I override the path, so your session feature won't work. (And my wrapper only works with TGA output, so it's pointless to use when capturing jpeg.)
okay, i understand now.. never used your wrap
roligt att du replyar mina komentarer =D
nä men har ingen som helst användning för hacket när du har höjt capture limiten i et.
keep up the good work!
nice nice nice chap!
Very nice =)
nice :DD
that stuff with the screenshot file didnt work for me.
the program created the files but it put all 3 frags i recorded in 1 file, i think thats because your program is not really compatible with "its a wrap". i recognized that the first time when i tried to record in jpeg mode with 900 went so fucking slow that i thought it would never end, then i aborted :(
You can't record with 900 fps in ET.

cl_avidemo 900 => 1 ms between frames = 1000 fps

I still don't understand how it could take as much space to record with cl_avidemo 1000 as cl_avidemo 100 , when using Itsawrap !

Explain me !
avidemo 1000 / (merge 20 + skip 20) = 25 FPS
avidemo 100 / (merge 2 + skip 2) = 25 FPS

1000 will take longer to capture and have better blur, but disk space will be the same since the resulting FPS is the same (25 in this example).
so why did i?

i also recorded with 250 and 180 with its a wrap
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