CoD4 cless avi !

Hello i'm looking for active and ambitious CoD4 team.
About me:
- I'm from Poland Poland
- able to speak England English.
- After few scrims and playing for over 20h on public I think i know the atleast basics
- I have my own Vent :d
Looking for:
- friendly, active clan

xfire: equee
or on irc: eque - You can find me at
or pm @ crossfire
(18-24 CET)
i have my own vent too!
100 euros good deal imo ;DD
Played with him yesterday seems to know what he's doing atleast, take him!
gl cod4 playah !:)
- I'm from Poland Poland and I am able to speak EnglandEnglish.

I lol'd.
all the polish are in england
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