Call of Duty 4 Team recruiting!

Ok, so heres the deal, me and my three companions are looking for one final addition to complete our incredibly skilled lineup. So far we are;

United Kingdom nev
Finland mide
Netherlands Leonneke (traitor)
Netherlands hkrep

We're looking for an EXPERIENCED(no 2 weeks@gaming people please). I personally have played ET for going on 5 years now, and I played CoD2 for a year. Mide may be an unknown name around these parts, but he's played CoD2 for about 2 years. You get the point, we want an experienced person, a skilled person, but mainly, a nice person.

We're a very active bunch online quite literrally 6-7 days a week, it may seem ridiculous but we request that you are as active. We have high aspirations and LAN capability, to both iSeries and CDC, so it would be good if you were able to aswell.

Ok, feel free to post/msg/pm @ at IRC #teamDND #CoD4.ET /q nevarian

We'll play a few games see if you are good, but more importantly how well you fit with us as a person, if we feel you don't agree with our personalities/attitudes or we just don't (at the risk of sounding cliché) 'click' then we will look elsewhere.
gl nev , leon
gl. nice bunch of guys and sure theyll go far @ cod4.
pm me and send me your config pls :DDD would be nice
My CoD4 config is in my profile mate =)
gl guys, especially hkrep <3
so you have played ET longer than it has excisted \o/
ET was released 2002 I'm pretty sure, I started playing it when I was 12, and I'll be 17 in 1 month, so it's going on 5 years... So no, I've played it since the beginning.

P.S I've been informed that it was released 2003, but from 12 to 17 still, so about 4 and a half years I guess.
ET was released 28th of May or something 2003.
Yeah Leon corrected me! But still played 4 and a half years going on 5, so my statement is valid! =))
Yup, busted for pub hacks, served my ban, back to the top @ CoD4!!1
well in next 3years u will learn that word busted has more meanings then just one ; ) HF!
august 2003 imo
No, I was playing ET during that summer :)
k my mistake :)
but i remember ET being in at the "pc gameplay magazine cd" in august :)
If you wanna play some with us, #teamDND and msg us whenever!
6-7 days a week. u ever go out?
Yeah to go to college.
Ah yeh thats socializing
Sorry, did I misunderstand something, you asked if I went outside. I do.
Was just wandering if you have any friends outside of teh internetz =]
where is your fourth companion?
Edited thx!
wow!!!! 5 years eh??? We were "invited" to play an unofficial demo of fueldump in summer 2003....
uHm strange....i make that 4 years, but my maths aint so good...
Read my above post mate ^_^""""""
gl take me maybe :>
GL Leon.
gl guys
why didint you ask me at the first place
Good luck guys =), server up yet or are you still whining about it nev :D?
Leon gimmie a bell on msn etc etc ,i wont dissapoint :p
GL mr stevens and hole dnd crew
btw - might be worth having a look at wIZa he's pretty good and clanless and a decent guy to play with :D
who is mide? and what happened to gifty & pumu? pumu quit cod4 already xD?
I'm mide, played cod2 for 2 years like it saids in the article.
oh sorry :P. I didnt read the whole thread, just some parts of it.
matias pumu & gifty iha palloi @ cod4 ja mide on cod2 ounari :O
We are not looking for players anymore. Thanks to Arcade for filling the last spot :)
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