Call of Duty

Need 3 semi-active ( 3 nights / week ) benelux players for cod4. Knowing me or Guest would be a good thing ( so you will most likely have played et )

/msg EDiT`Kevin
gl kevin
gl éééé kankerkutkind

de guest ook yuuuu lyra-boy
i'm avi.

i'm no benelux and not able to play 3 nights a week but i dont play cod4 so i'm in i guess.

dont pm me for no info. kk
I play CoD4 ^^ semi active, but my skill < yours :( ^^
depends from game to game
mja, most guys that are skilled in one game are gonna be pretty skilled in another game also pretty fast.
nolifers can become good in any game because they don't have got anything else to do =(
i'm avi but no benelux , and i would be active 3 days a week (DAYS NOT NIGHTS CUZ NOLIFE ETC)
CoD1 :)?
Im avi, not benelux :(
good luck
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