Cod4 or ET:QW?

i want to buy CoD4 or ET:QW, what's better for online game?
CoD4 I guess
ETQW is dieing allready... (some1 told me)
cod4 clearly but i say it with pain in my heart tbh :<
i would have said ETQW but when you look at it is now it's dying. So CoD4
CoD4 for the fuck sake!
Dunno, buy them both and find out yourself.
"Soap" MacTavish for the win.
All the ones who wrote cod4 are retards. You have no clue just like i have no arguments.

ETQW is awesome
are u beeing serious?
it is awsome rlly go play it bull
it isnt
its fun if u dont play it competitive ;/
ik ben vooral aan het lachen met al die mensen die blijven volhouden dat etqw zo goed is 90 van de replies zijn voor cod
strong argument
Bought both. Dunno which is better... CoD 4 is different... I'm much more skilled in etqw, but... this game is kinda boring with 2xfullhold maps :/. Some of them are like supply now or oasis 2 years ago - if there are 2 clans with not so big skill-difference, we'll have 2 fullholds. There is a chance in the SDK and rebuilding/creating new maps, but we've to wait a few months more...
Not months more like days it's sounding like, a beta SDK is going to be rolled out soon according to SD staff, why a beta I haven't a clue but I guess it better than nothing...
I would go for ET:QW if you liked W:ET for its objective gameplay and want a game which has a lot of replay value.
didn't understand that "replay value" can you define that?
Well there are so many things you can do and discover in ET:QW, next to that the maps are all very different and require you to do different things and if you are a stats player you will get rewarded for specific styles of play. The game also has various movement tricks which you can learn to improve your playing style...
I would go for etqw if it wouldn't suck a lot. only thing similiar to ET is revives and use of objectives.
The entire class system in ET:QW resembles W:ET a lot.
"The entire class system in ET:QW resembles ET:QW a lot."

ofc ET:QW resembles ET:QW or? :/
but fails miserably. (overall)
cod4 no doubt
cod4, qw dead
CoD4 if you like campy gameplay, hax and you were a fan of CoD2.
ETQW if you like movemant and aim style like in et. it sucks copared to et but its still playable if you have a good pc + if you had any form of skill in et you will be uber skilled in ETQW.
cod4... what a stupid question, really
crysis x))
cod + chips
Your PC won't be able to run both games.
ill buy a new one =D
ET - no need to buy
cod4 !!!!!!!!!!!!
def CoD4, ETQW is just a piece of shit and will be dead soon enough, since it sucks so much.
CoD4 is very nice, and even the cracked servers are pretty full :P
Download it somewhere and test it on the cracked servers and see if you like it.
crysis owns just one small problem. you need 50 mins to the objective of the game.
etqw is awesome
are you on drugs?
COD4 ive really got into it. Its a nice game although u gotta get used to the camping a bit more
Call of Duty: QUAKE Wars.
Got CoD4 today not played it online yet but single player is awesome
the question is wrong I supposse.

I will answer with other question - do you prefer teamplay and arcade style or do you prefer camping and instant kills?
My first whole night playing CoD4, IT OWNZ !!! XDD Nice levelling system, feels a bit like WoW in TrueCombat jacket or smth (hate WoW though, but this is very nice).
+Very nice single player! Worth your money imo. Got a nice PC?


I see your hardware now, go save some money and get a proper one. Or stick at Q3:cpma and ET, but et:qw and CoD4 are a little too much for your system imo. crappy fps is not fun to play...
cod4, clearly.
cod4 ofc
Just ET, both sux :)
you sux
Cod4 btw
And dont answer ET or other games retards...
UT3,nfs pro street!

 they suck
i would go for crysis fo sho but probably cod4 is the next big multiplayer action game with growing communities etc...
cod2 + cod4
get a hooker, way better spent money
cod4 ez

qw is a spamfest
I wouldn't say ET:QW is more of a spamfest than CoD4 is without any limitations.
in cod u get 1 nade to spam with

in qw u get vehicles with infinate bombs to spam with.

pretty much is spam. not saying its a bad thing if u like canned spam for dinner. but no sir, not me.

only vehicles I want are in racing games.
You also get airstrikes, chopper support, on maps which are 10 times as small as the ones in ET:QW, meaning the effect of the spam is most likely be just as irritating as in ET:QW. In both games you have to play smart not to get affected by the spam.
cod4 ftw :)
q3 cpm
shut your mouth slag! q3 pfffffff
xD which computer i need to play cod4? ill buy a new one =D
cod4, driving vehicles are not competitive in eSports sorry ;)
COD4 all day long ETQW GOING TO DIE
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