some cod4 cvars + scripts

hi, i need the cvar for the shit when u want so snipe and hold the weapon smooth.
and i need a class script.. it suxx to take 20 secs to change the class during the match-.-

would be nice. thx bb
bind mouse 1 "quit"
options controls bla bla bla and bind it on shift or something

/writeconfig blabla.Cfg

open cfg, search function, search shift
no thx
Why would you need rapid class switches? its CoD not RTCW/ET, pick a class and stick with it (unless you suck with it ofcourse :P)
because sometimes it´s usefull to switch to sniper
When I used to play cod2 in clanwars I died all the time so I had enough time to switch :P
i never die.. and already get accused of wh .. rofl :P no time for switching class, choosing primary weapon, choosign the addon, choosing pistol ,...
how's your wh related to anything?
[arrogant]that i´m too good to die ![/arrogant]
you have 8 sec to select class...
Bind x "+speed;+holdbreath"

That will scope and breath in with one button.
That's avi @ ingame options/controls lolz
don't think that script is allowed on ClanBase though
slow ass
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