CoD 2 resolution?

my m8 is askin me how he can put his CoD2 "windowed" i have myself no clue:P tried all resolutions. maybe that one of you guys know how he can put it windowed
try alt+enter
he tried.. is not working
already busted Domi? :(

maybe r_fullscreen 0 ? :o)
nope . but im going to CDC4. be it as spec or player.. maybe then krato! :D
i think u cant run cod2 in window mode, but there are some programs for it ;D
They arent allowed tho, afaik.
it doesnt work, because you can abuse some bug when you do it (afaik)

instead of fixing it, this skillercommunity just forbid r_fullscreen 0
no window mode for cod2 :( as mangow says, its cheat protected
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