-MoH- Nedd of CoD4 players

Hola estamos buscando players de cod4 que vengan con experiencia del cod2 preferiblemente, o tambien del ET.

We are looking for players for cod4 but it is a need to speak "fluent spanish" since my noob mates doesnt understand english.

PLease seroius players and no cheaters or whiners.

Contact at #moh.es

hola puta
lal rofl guyzzzz :D
me cago en tu puta madre!

learned that from the kluivert quote in my religion lessons :D
eres una maricon
chobo! :d
lal all et community posting :D hahahaha wadda agon and metal :D
yo cid :) gl

olla chico como estas? :P
hablo un pequeño español, vamos a jugar?
estoy med+ btw
estudio español desde cuatro meses!
I love ex ET players :D Hi twidi :D

hey Puu #moh.es :D thanks
hay un "reply" boton :))
I know just being lazy :D pero entrate :D saludos
hi cheater!

They are/were actively cheating and played with players, who were already banned and even tried to hide it. Think about twice, before you join tards like them.
Hi L de LOOSER! :D
hola puta
cid !!!!!!!!!! =)
gl cid ;]
Menso i feel you man, its hard to lose a final in OC, whinning before the game and during the game and even months after it.

Just grow up, at least you got moh out of ET scene now you can try to win OC again :D

"L" man "L"

--for the rest, thanks in the GL and ionterest guys.
puu --> <3 :D
you are busted now ! gl in NC 08 =D
GL spanish noob
kuduro olha potaria
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