Duty calls!

yeah , prepared for cod4 action

About me:

- low+ (know the maps yo and obj)
- 3 years in ET
- nolife except friday
- 5v5 is playable for my PC (np 60 fps with nevari cfg)
- have legal game
- know England, Estonia (:D), Russia, a bit of jewlang and 1 cool saying in Sweden
- uber active at comms


- comms
- you should know the maps yo ;D
- bnc/server/lan support/site I dont actually want cuz i dont give a damn about that

contact me @ #cod4.et as vess`

image: 13943
good luck ;)
nice chap

gl vessar
gl , nice guy with random flame out of nowhere :D
gl rassev
gl whinemachine
this guy in the pic looks very gay
just installed it yesterday :DD in dont know the maps xD
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