cod4 weapon cmd´s working?

hi are this commands working clientside? so i just put it in a config , exec it and spawn with this weapons?

set class_sniper_primary m40a3
set class_sniper_primary_attachment none
set class_sniper_secondary beretta
set class_sniper_secondary_attachment silencer
set class_sniper_perk1 specialty_extraammo
set class_sniper_perk2 specialty_bulletdamage
set class_sniper_perk3 specialty_bulletpenetration

can´t test atm .. would be nice if someone else could do it :)
i think they are serverside.
hi beAsty <3 :)

no idea :x
hi beAsty
german: Du solltest wieder mehr ET zocken :)
how much time do you need to select weapon and perks?
it takes 5 sec, anyone that needs longer should go play et
I was thinking about the Family Guy and this - - don't take this 'a lot' so serious xD
too long to do it under the match
why would you want to change weapon during the first rounds?

i mean why would you lets say want to change weapon during the def rounds or att rounds?
because there are maybe other tactics , because i need smoke, because i wanan try sniper,....

man why u are against everything if someone says his opinion about cod4 ?
cause everytime someone wants to change someone that doesnt need to be fixxed and its fine as it is now, hes a et player
if it would be fine there wouldn´t be so many guys who wants to change smth
the only ones whining about it are et players, that i see
so they tell their opinion. if its a nice idea they will change it. if not they won´t.
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