CoD4 startup crash

Just installed Call of Duty 4 on new laptop and it crashes as soon as I try to start it. I get the following error message, any ideas?

"Error during initialization:
Create 2DTexture( $floatz, 1024, 768, 0,114 ) failed: 8876086c = Invalid call"

Have reinstalled the game and updated Directx. Tried to update video card drivers but can't find them on or anywhere else.

PC Specs:

Dell XPS M1730 on Windows Vista Home Premium
Intel Core 2 Extreme CPU X7900 2.80GHz
Dual NVIDIA GeForce Go 8700M GT
4GB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM
320GB (7200rpm) SATA RAID 0 Stripe
Ageia PhysX Processing Unit Card

Any help very much appreciated!
CoD4 apparently has really dodgy compatibility issues with some video cards.

Have you searched around on google with the error code you get?
WTF n1 laptop
laptop :;XD
how fucking much you payed for that laptop? can you give a link or smth ?
ye but how much did you pay :D
Just make the laptop with the specs he listed and you have the price lol :D

E: I just checked and its around 3500 $

Aaaah painfull

I looked for drivers but they dont even have fucking drivers for the 7 series :X
some of the7 serie dont work @ cod4 hihi
cod 4 sux anyway (i just like the graphic)
try this maybe it's newer then the drivers you got right now?
or try to set your dx level to 8. seta r_rendererPreference "dx8" or maybe it has to do with you AGIEA card?
lal nice laptop O_O
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