CoD 4 QCUP news

My internet couldn't of gone down on a worse night.

It's literally just come back up and work beckons tomorrow morning so i wont have time to process anything tonight.

I've also got the flu so there is a possibility i will be on tomorrow day time. I have a million PM's to work through and a few thousand emails (numbers maybe slightly exaggerated) so if you could hold off messaging me about signups until further notice that would be grand.

ALL teams who have sent their email to sign up for the cup will be added to the signups list with the first 32 teams at the top. The tournament size can and will be changed if we have a much larger number of signups than we initially catered for.

Again, i apologise for any problems you have or have had and i will do my best to make sure everything is sorted by tomorrow's deadline.

A very ill and pissed of Penn signing out for tonight :<
we sent an email and asked to be added as TLR, as a clan who is gonna be attending the lan and wanted to use this as a seeding, ill be pming u tomorrow as I signed up 2 days ago and shud of been added to list.
i wanna cod4 clan =(
wish you the best pennz
hope you will really stick to the "first comes first servs" rule
i hope he doesnt, and pls make it a 64 slot tourny omg <: :)
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