CoD4 Antilag

Anyone know why the leagues have turned off antilag?

The registration was amazing when the game came out, now all these damn mods, etc, have it turned off, the registration has dropped rock bottom.
dont know anything bout it =X
Basically, if your internet ping is 50, it will work out what you would have got if it was 0 ping, and will work it out for that shot instead of the 50 ping + server lag shot.

It makes the registry feel exactly like lan basically

Removing it on the sly is just annoying ^^
they were scared by the amount of skilled polish clans
Haha, well at least we can reg polish people back now :-)
maybe thats why u cannot get ANY "tracking" on running(crossing) people
does it feel different compared to single player when tracking?
with antilag 1 the reg is just shit especially with the scope...
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