help plz :(

I just bought the game COD4, i installed it but when i wanna play it it gives the error:
Error during initialization:
Video card or driver doesn't support separate alpha blend, glow will be disabled.

Can i still play the game with this error?

When yes: how !:o
When no: how could i fix the prob

plz help me :O


greets deko

EDIT: my vid card: Nvidia GeForce FX 5200
Just load the game to play it ?

Care if glow is disabled :o

update gfx drivers or gfx card if you want to solve it
ye know but i cant get any further then the error..
if u know a way to load the game tell me coz i dont care neither if glow is off :P
Update drivers then imo
glow is annoying anyway
your vid card is too low, the requirment is GeForce 5700+ i dont think it will load up with your current gfx carc
So i also CANT play the game with no glow at all ?
i have to buy new vid card? if yes do u know how much a decent vid card costs?:D
new decent card that will work for you can cost 60 euros less or more, a geforce 6600GT or 7600GT are awesome and cheap, and yeah you cant play at all with such low gfx, sry :)
Lol, might I ask you the other specs of your pc?
try to find some 2nd hand ati9800 or geforce66000

I dont think cod4 wil run decently with that vid card.
this card dosen't support shaders 3.0 and you can't select lower .. you won't be able to launch it with this card whatever you try ;[
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