rtcw prob cdkey

hello, i have a rtcw problem
when i go to the menu where u can enter ur cdkey it says cdkey is valid
when i try to go online on a serv it says that it is invaled

help plz
Can i have a download link please =)
sorry, cant help you i lost the link when i find it ill msg u
Key from keygen? ^^_
cookie first

Just get Terifire to give you one of his 5 RtCW keys and reinstall the game with one of his keys
terifire gave me 2 keys, i reinstalled the game with both the keys and its still not working
you need a real key not a keygen one..
keygen worked for me
didnt 4 me but that was 4yrs ago
i hv a real key atm
k, me2 since 2001 but i tested fake ones ;)
just gimmi the key and ill check it ;E
try putting it directly to the keyfile in the directory, its what i have to do every time i install
keygen key works only on 3-4 servers of 1.0...u need an original one
If you're using windows vista, run the game in windowsxp compatability mode
(right click on the rtcwmp.exe file and go to properties)

If using an nvidia card also, go to the nvidia control panel and turn off all graphic options for Wolfenstein.
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