need play3r

Since I made a comeback to ET and retro just died, morf and me decided to play 3on3 more actively.

We recommend:
» skilled
» engi / medic
» kinda active, also able to play cups in weekends
» we will start playing ladder(s) actively as well (so no CB banned ppl)
» good comms ( Netherlands preferred, England also ok)
» able to play in the upcoming OC

Our main lineup:

Netherlands axel
Netherlands morf
Europe you?

If you think you are this person, feel free to give us a pm.

Contact us @ (axel morf)

pm lavod
ya we need more 3o3 teams :) 3o3 ftw!
pm me 4 more invo's
hoi axello, gl!
gL ;o)
GL jonges
gl axel and morf !!
GL pimps<3
im not avi at weekend =<
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