YES ! bad wallaX
nope he just standing in the wall.
of course busted!
no, it's a poster on the wall!
its not wh, its an allies picture on the wall
Busted ? no thats normal in ET -.-
Allied nocliping ...

And floating bodies is an old bug
You tried to upload an invalid punkbuster screenshot.

use elitepicturehost =)
obviously in front of the boxes...
Every day someone comes across! It would be time to get used already, that game has died!It has become a habiе!mwahawhahwahwhahw!
busteeed! pffff.....

no hax good config
heh, looks like that allied guy has a wh too :D the way he looks back is strange xD
You mean the axis player is hacking? Is that what you mean? OMG!!!!
pure skill ..

"Can i has his config"
Ask AlSeVeN ^^
hey hey hey plz no advertising =)
plz get skill before you post something like that
vessar lolo!
>:D so obvious that it's funny
i'm not a hot fuzz:D!

hau du ju du?!:D
hmm..luks liek gut:)!
ok!stop spamm! i'm @ IRC!cy there!
A cheater in ET.......are you sure?
lame bust it's not a real hack and you know that!
if you want me to post your screens for getting kicked by multihack due to the use of some lame program (aka rivatuner) then i could do it aswell..
i know more about this case then you will ever know, and i know it's not a hack
unless you tune it to the limit which makes it a hack, and oh plz tell me why he got kicked then from the server stating the message PB HACK? oh but right i have no idea about this all, i only was there and saw things happen which dont rly exist .. now sir tell me who's the fool in here.. (though i know your stupid and pitty answer already)..
Omg those players are small! Hard to hit them :[.
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