help with cod4

I just bought cod4 + nvidia 8600, so, Can anyone teach me to play it? I never played cod, only ET :x
18 saw few post where people we're offering training lessons, ofcourse you have to pay them a fair deal xD
cod4 = like so easy just play a few games
play ET
play sp first
just don't rush all the time and use your brain
why shouldnt you rush in cod? :S i rush all the time and pwn :)
i would like to see u rushing against high skilled clans all time and owning them
i play it on the xbox360 :) ok well maybe your right :D you shouldnt rush
you should've bought the 8800 GT

8600 GTS aint working good with cod4
go public for hours then find urself a clan.
just search a place to hide, and shoot, np thats all
Play ET =P
cod4 > et :O)
thats just like saying Zaigon > Max chapter 3 :X
play et :D
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