hit & chizz6l (#nkNn)

These guys already proved themselves on clanbase banlist, but that didn't stop them from showing their "skills" to us yesterday. So let's begin with....

1st : Belgium hit aka rAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAk

hit's yawn

clanbase id

rapidshare avi

2nd is mighty: Sweden chizz6l aka aesol

chizz6l's yawn

clanbase id

rapidshare avi

These videos were all taken from a single stopwatch round, they continued to cheat 3 maps more. For best viewing experience slow the speed to half of normal value, and enjoy!
its ur new favourite smile ?
its the dunno smiley you faggot
i dont care about randomZ.
learn to play
your team won, you failed
also hi to teammates of these wonderfull players, keep on playing maights!
nKnn unexpected
hit i would say is busted with the last scene, but every scene at chizzl could be sound + lean. It looks like u wolfcammed them, u should ask demos
every scene? yeah, he heard a guy standing on the other side of the map, leaned and decided to shoot him THROUGH 5 m OF WALL
thats nothing so fishy, the only scene that got me puzzled was the last one
Seriously, watch it again in slowmotion.
It's impossible to shoot someone through walls more obvious than that (@13sec and even better @18-25sec). I have rarely seen a wh-avi which was that obvious.
ye the 18-25 scene is idd rly weird, i missed that one
it's quite dangerous to write "mutch" nowadays
retarded cheater....
mek.chizz6l: rofl sure
mek.chizz6l: zodiac demos pls
malczik: terror gtfo cheater

Allir.Exp/ nice wh tho
Allir.Exp/ now, just stop when i aim at the door, and when i turn you rush n
Allir.Exp/ and that 9 tmes
Allir.Exp/ aidskid
Allir.Exp/ bibuy dont want to play decider vs cheater
aesol => EZEL
they were scared to send me their demos after they beated us in the cups twice ^^
We played vs them yesterday :) n1ce guys.
just for you i can put sounds into it and add 100 more avi's but i dont think that will be necessary for ban
that would be nice, though no rapidshare, and before i've got solid proof that they are hackers i'm not believing shit of all these avi's which are manipulated
this needs an irc log xDDDD
(illumise) 3o3 ?
(teente) not playing with cheaters
(illumise) we got server
(illumise) with ?:S?
(illumise) hello ?
(teente) you, chizzel...
(teente) having bans @ cb, nP
(illumise) yea ofc banS
(illumise) im not banned
(illumise) atleast not that i know
(teente) your mate chizzel is
(illumise) so you said banS
(illumise) and chizz6l isnt even that good i shoot 1000 more hs then him + got more damage baaaaah
(teente) as ive said... im not the one playing with banned retards in a team
(illumise) w/e you want

nothing more tosay: they are all xiiting retards
irc logs ban
Yea and its true
funny joke you are :D
and illumise just told me yesteday that they dont hack! (after metsuri had banned cb banned players from insecure cup)

e: lold at that hit avi.. could you possible make it more obvious?
hahahahahah and still they allways loose :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDd
and how do u explain the last wh thingy of hit ? :DD:D:D:
i don't explain a thing, i don't care but for me these avi's aren't enough proof to name them cheaters once again..
n1 ignoring my question i mean tracking through a wall and then this " crouch - stand - crouch - stand " stuff...plzz.
i don't explain a thing, that is my answer?!
...nvm u just didnt get my point
old news -_-''
finally someone who knows where to upload clips!
goddammit, this fucking sucks, i trusted them :(
frags ++

quality +/- ( I would take a higher resolution & use x264 )

music --

editing +/-

config -- ( Try to make a movie config )

creativity +/- ( Put some sounds into your movies )

sync -- ( I didn't like the /Timescale 2 :( )

But still, this is one of my favorites trailers (6,5/10)! Waiting on full movie..

Peace out!
retarded :D with which hack u played? ETs?
No tard, I play with icebot06
nog niet detected?
how much for haxing : ++ in my opinion

imo the hackers can't hide their hax
lifetime ban please.
once a cheater, always a cheater
dan is chizzel helemaal slecht zeg
rapidshare :l

I gotta wait 30mins to DL 2nd clip
dat doen jullie weer knap zeg, terwijl jullie over 2 weken ofzo unbanned worden.. xD
all 16yo skillers roflol
old + banned already
chizz6l = comms , hit = scripts :<
LoL at chizz6l shooting the wall like that twice (@13sec and 18-25sec, use slowmotion). Most obvious wallhack i have seen for a while.
If that's not enough for a ban, nothing is.

edit: just watched hit.avi
LoL @28-30sec, just as obvious as chizz6l.

Thanks, best bust for a while :D
They're still terrible :-d
skill only
thx 2 guys like that 4 killing ET ... gj >.>
go 2 sleep moron
note the canadian flag = its 6 hrs less than your silly CET ... so its 10 here.. you go to bed mr i hv no life emo fag
chizz6l says to you: go cry emo fag
maybe i should have read the nonsense u write???

these ppl are HIGHSKILLED as u know.... more than u ever be!!!!

just autoaim2 nd stuff and they are heroes... JUST LIKE U COULD BE WITH HAXXXX,,,,, so plZ try it fucking nioooob plz... if u aint got the skiölll to learn the game u just buy some hax!!!!! pls who cares bout the skill when y can get the skill for just (= euros fucking nooooob!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL fuck-retards... -.-' Nice bust gumi!
Seen them around, they are pretty shit even though they hack
just skill
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