United Kingdom / Europe Smokeys-Grotto is recruiting for 1 mid eu skill, English speaking player.

Smokeys-Grotto is a clan that has been around since pretty much the release of ET, and has gone through suprising few roster changes over the seasons.

Like many others we're preparing for our Opencup 6o6 games, Div 3 (group H). In recent times, with only six players available to choose from due to some RL issues, regular practices have been difficult to play night-in, night-out.

Currently we're searching for 1 additional skilled medic or fop, with the class not being filled being played by an existing member.

All we ask:
Commitment: Be prepared to play week nights from 20:00 to 23:00 GMT
Age: 16+ / mature, most of our team is around 20.
*Willing to listen
*A solid aim
*Tactical comprehension
And above all, teamwork

Web | IRC

Scotland Pedro
United Kingdom Fusen
United Kingdom foonr
United Kingdom Chimaira
Netherlands toed
Netherlands fayth
Israel syJ

For those interested, msg Pedro at #smokeys-grotto
Cheers :O>.
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