Dear members,

Crossfire will be organizing on Wednesday September 27th a 'friendly' showgame, with an interesting twist.

We are looking for two teams who will be able to play at 21:00 CET in a bestof3 map game. The map crevasse_b1 is of course the map to be played - at the moment it will be 4 SW rounds of crevasse. This means that the decider will, if it is needed, not be crevasse: we are forcing it to frostbite. Game will be 5v5 - however we are not, repeat not comitting Crossfire to 5v5 at this stage.

The twist in all this is that the winner receives an automatic place in the upcoming Crossfight competition on Xfire 3 (previously koth). Crossfight is a much reworked and revamped competition involving only 11 clans, and so places are at a premium. More details about the format and rules will released soon. We are currently in talks with third-parties with the intention of securing prizemoney for the tournament.

This offer is open for all of today (monday), all interested teams should pm/leave me a message on #crossfire . Team selection will be done at random. Thank you.

Crevasse download+info

Annoucement at 22.00 CET tonight
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