another retard

Well since im not on the list, I thought why not give it a try back in the game.
I just came back from a cbban:x not that cool tbh... So now im looking for a 6on6 clan. because well playing on cybergames & u|k isnt as cool as it sounds 8(

What I have:

* I'm a Boy!
* somethimes mature
* know some stuff about the game
* got some good comments
* Better than SQuid
* Got knife skillz nP

What I need:

* A clan!
* Fun people
* some med skill higher is nice.
* prefer not a new 2 weeks clan
* server/vent/Mirc channel

btw I don't want a ts clan:]
Pm me @ #inactivity #al7

were you a cheater and are you a cheater now?
Yes and maybe/no.
gl, funny guy =)
vent just makes team more serious business
al7 is the only cool ex-cheater around
take him tbh he pwns
ex-cheaters dont exist. once a cheater, always a cheater.
gl al7!
gl m7 (m8*)
yes, lets play with busted cheaters
yes, lets play with hope
friendly n skilled guy

FU al7 go and play pokemon hacker...
Gl al7 mijn vriendje!
gl. ( he got the best inet ever xD )
wannabe tard:x
al7 better then i tought gl !
gl al7 my personal
image: rofl
go to fuck your mother al7
u r so fucking busted Like me ;D
haha ali negro!
succes ;]
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