:[ ETBNC ]: v0.2b

:[ ETBNC ]: v0.2b by tesla & GeddoN

1. What is ETBNC?
2. How to install?
3. How to use it?
4. Commands
5. Changes
6. Bugs

1. What is ETBNC?
It's a bouncer for id software's quake3 engine based games. It can be useful
when you want to decrease your ping.
How? - Just look at the example:

home -> game_server - ping 140ms
home -> bnc_server - ping 20ms
bnc_server -> game_server - 20ms

so when you connect like this:
home -> bnc_server -> game_server

your ping will be 40ms.

Ha! Simple isn't it?

2. How to install?
Put the tar.gz file on a remote machine (using FTP for example, but remember: you
need access to the shell in order to use this BNC), login there using SSH or
Telnet (:]) and type:
$ tar xvf ETBNC-0.2b.tar.gz
After unpacking the tar.gz file go into the ETBNC directory and run configure
script (by typing: ./configure). That's it.

3. How to use it?
Start your favorite game (Q3A,WOLF,ET :]) and open the console. Type:
/rconAddress ip_of_machine_running_ETBNC:port
/rconPassword password_you_set
Next init yourself to the ETBNC by typing:
/rcon bnc_init
You should see something like this:

:[ ETBNC ]: v0.2b
by tesla & GeddoN

To get help type: /rcon bnc_help

Welcome your_ip:port.

Your ETBNC is ready for use now. To connect to some game server, type:
/rcon bnc_connect game_server_ip:game_server_port
If you get a reply like:
ETBNC connecting to
/connect ip_of_machine_running_ETBNC:port
and play!

Remember to type: /rcon bnc_bye before exiting game.

NOTE: If you want to run your ETBNC in "background" just add '&' at the end of
command line or use 'SCREEN'. Sorry but no 'fork()' in this version :P

4. Commands
bnc_init - init yourself to the ETBNC
bnc_bye - close the connection to the ETBNC
bnc_status - ETBNC status
bnc_stats - ETBNC stats
bnc_resetstats - reset ETBNC stats
bnc_connect game_server_ip:game_server_port - connect the ETBNC to the gameserver
bnc_disconnect - disconnect the ETBNC from the gameserver
bnc_history - history of current ETBNC session (you must enable it in the config!)
bnc_die - kill the ETBNC
bnc_help - guess what are you reading now ... ;]

5. Changes
- Fixed a crashing problem
- Fixed some colour stuff
- Fixed some spelling mistakes (not all :p)
- Removed ETBNC.config.example because it's not needed
- Removed the second README and wrote all important stuff in only one README file
- Compressed to tar.gz instead of tgz

6. Bugs
I think there are some because I coded it under influence of weed (as usual :])
I tried to avoid catching signal 11 but I'm sure you'll find some :P If you
find any bugs or way to get access to the shell just write an e-mail to me

I've tested it with: EnemyTerritory (pure and with ETPro MOD), Quake3Arena
(pure and with OSP mod).

e-mail: bartek@bohater.net

Dowload link: http://www.bust3d.eu/ETBNC/ETBNC-0.2b.tar.gz

P.S.: tesla deserves the credits because he did the most work, I only fixed some stuff. And pls write the bugs here instead of writing him an e-mail.
well sounds nice, although i don't get it :)
it sounds good but can´t belive that this home->bnc->gameserver pingy stuff will work
It will work. It's very logically explained isn't it?
It is possible, but not very likely to work.
jews/polish/portuguese ppl should use that shit :DDD my ping sucks hard :'(
i dont get it :/
k...but can i use it only when i want to...because i dont want to have ping 20 on servers that i have ping 0 :>
ehm... care to explain more detailed how it would lower your pings etc?
what exactly is it ? only for server admins ?! huh
I think this will just increae pings mostly

but it's great for hackers, now they don't have to use their home IP so the IP doesn't matches with crossfire :D

nice one making it easier for hackers, now they'll give a free ETBNC with every hack!
the tool exist since long time ;) atleast for linux
aah thats why there arent that much known players in the new busts :D
wtf is a point to decrease a ping? To get advantage over others? I can simply disable it via lua, so if any etpro server admin is interested in it, give me a shout
linux :>
ye, it's for linux but it shouldn't be a problem since most ET servers are hosted on a linux server.
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