CoD4 - Introduction.

Hi, i got cod4 yesterday (already got 15 kills in a row, np4me =)) and i got a few questions about the competitive side of it.

- What maps do i need to know for competition?

- How does it work regarding weapons etc? can i use all of them or only the ones which i already have set free? then level 55 got a great advantage compared to my level 15 (after 1 day! :p) atm though.

- If anyone got a decent config and doesn't mind to uploading it, i would be thankful.
e.g. is there a way to turn off the rain like in et? it's annoying :p

I can't remember the other questions atm any more, i will ask them later!
I hate it and will trade my cod4 key for a crysis one anyone?
crysis mp suxx!!
i only want to finish the single player :)
you need to train : crash crossfire,vacant , strike.

In war all players got the same weapons . (weapons depend of the config ) try to play with ak47 for long maps like strike ,crossfire. Take mp5 for map like vacant
Its just an advice but i think i'm not wrong .

Soz for my fucking engrish
You'r so skilled :o

For competitions , you must know all the map.
You can usef all the weapon you find on the floor , there is no problem.
In official war , everybody is level 1 ans can select weapon ( every one exept p90 and grenade launcher)

I have no 1337 cfg but you can modify your by searching here

ps: kikoo sinus
all the maps = ?
There are like a hundred different maps running on pubs :o)

thanks to everyone so far
Use M4, and do not use any scope.
And don't use unfair perks.

I got a config that gives me 100 stable fps, though I got quite decent computer (my profile), so dunno if it gives you enough fps (medium graphic or something).

You can only create class with the weapons you have already unlocked (at least on pubs, dunno in clanwars), which sucks regarding Desert Eagle. :/

I've never played a single clanwar yet though.. I don't feel skilled enough to be in a mix etc :D
QuoteI've never played a single clanwar yet though.. I don't feel skilled enough to be in a mix etc :D

same :<
since i am the best cod4 player known to man and i play it like once a month you should probably listen to me:

publics are for learning the guns, dont use the cheat to take you right to lvl 55, because it takes the fun out of public and pretty soon you will only PCW... which is good, but you got no idea about the guns :) like why your asking now :)

quick run down of the guns i use:

m16 - good long range/med+ range weapon, very accurate and if all 3 bullets hit its a kill, try aim for the chest upwards, very nice gun to defend from range.. u use it for example on spawn roofs defending crash

m4 carbine: med range weapon, very good at distance compared to the ak47, but not as ranged as m16 - use it when defending high and when range is not 1 map long :)... for example roof on crash

ak47: almost no range compared to carbine (accuracy) and no match for m16 - however at close/med- range its everyones favourate weapon as its very powerful- use it when your going to be up close and personal, for example, attacking on crash A site.

also try to learn tacnades, theres some really nice ones you can do... but ofcourse i wont show you mine ^^
G3 pwndz at every range though, just press MOUSE1 fast enough.
It's a very fun weapon ;)

Though I use m4 all the time :o
thats true, scroll firing makes that abit stupid too sometimes

is there stuff like drones, artillery, helicopter in pcw? and no scope afaik right? and i once played on a pub on which i couldnt even see how many bullets i have left in my weapon?
If you get a fivekill-streak (as for airstrike), you have already killed the team, and the airstrike doesnt help you :D
hehe didn't think about that :D
u played on HC
dunno maybe!
No, allmost everything of the "pub" settings are gone.

pub sux btw.
correct, but replace ak47 with ak74 imo :)
@ pamd - but not other pams imo, maybe both
get used to ak47, ak74, mp5, m4, g3, m16, sniper, vacant, crossfire, strike, crash, district, backlot.
<3 AK47&AK74
scope = snipers?! then yes they are allowed but some disabled :)

but rest are disabled in most competitions... ofc... you will see some fun competitions for the non "pro wannabe's" that will allow them i bet :)

best thing you can do is if you want to save your pride... fake nick @ #cod4.wars and #cod4.invite ... then write /merc availiable :)

you will know straight away then
what did your PC cost :o?
1089.56 €
without screen, without music instalation, without mouse etc right?
ASUS GeForce EN8800GT (PCI EXPRESS) 512Mb DDR3 / Dual DVI /HDTV-Out (EN8800GT/G/HTDP/512M) = it same as nVidia or differences?

thinking about to buy same PC, but first take a job then :D
same i think
Do you think it's word to work 1 yr to buy ;D?
you have to decide.. :p
humza humz, how much did it cost with all extra's screen etc? what " - screen you have btw?
i had all the extras before so dunno :o
Oki , new PC old stuff :D?
:-) ok thanks for all the information,


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