CODQCUP mousepads!

The relationship between and QPAD grows deeper.

We are proud to present our own mousepads, 3 new designs for each cup. The players of CODQCUP and visitors are able to buy the limited edition mousepads from QPAD under a limited time.
The money goes straight into the prize pot for each tournament.

After the finals have been played and a new champion have been crowned the prize pot will be revealed.

This is your chance to get your hands on a limited design from the designer Tommie 'general_z' Hansen from

Information about the mousepad:

QPAD®|CT. Large 4mm
QPAD®|CT. Large, Custom design, 4mm. Gaming surface with Hybratek.
QPAD Glidz included for utlimate control.

Size: Large [40.5x28.5cm 15.95x11.23 inch]
Thickness: 4 mm
Surface: Hybratek. Coated soft top
Other: Including Glidz

The payment is through paypal and can be bought through the CODQCUP site

So get your mothers, your fathers, your grandmathers credit card and get to it! Improve your aim with a smoking new mouse pad and at the same time contribute to a noble cause, make the CODQCUP bigger, better faster and stronger!


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