cod4 class script!

bind your primary gun with:

bind x "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:gun;say_team gun;
bind x "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:ak47;say_team ak47;"
bind x "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:m4;say_team m4;

bind your grenade with:

bind x "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_grenade:smoke/flash/stun_grenade;say_team :smoke/flash/stun"
bind x "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_grenade:flash_grenade;say_team flash"
bind x "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_grenade:smoke_grenade;say_team smoke"

bind your pistol with:

bind x "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_secondary:pistol;say_team pistol"
bind x "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_secondary:deserteagle;say_team deagle"
bind x "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_secondary:m9;say_team m9"
nice: )
#<[o]> to support this high scripter

Well done tieme :)
i found the part of the smoke and flash on zeh internet rest i made myself:D
don't give away your credits :)
Thanks <3

//class script

// assoult cycle
seta m4 "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:m4; set ass_cyc vstr ak; ^1m4"
seta ak "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:ak47; set ass_cyc vstr m16; ^1ak"
seta m16 "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:m16; set ass_cyc vstr g36c; ^1m16"
seta g36c "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:g36c; set ass_cyc vstr g3; ^16c"
seta g3 "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:g3; set ass_cyc vstr m4; ^1g3"
seta ass_cyc "vstr ak"
bind f5 "vstr ass_cyc"

// specops cycle
seta mp5 "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:mp5; set ops_cyc vstr 74u; ^1mp5"
seta 74u "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:ak74u; set ops_cyc vstr mp5; ^174u"
seta ops_cyc "vstr mp5"
bind f8 "vstr ops_cyc"

// pistol cycle
seta deagle "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_secondary:deserteagle; set pist_cyc vstr usp; ^1deagle"
seta usp "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_secondary:usp; set pist_cyc vstr deagle; ^1usp"
seta pist_cyc "vstr deagle"
bind f6 "vstr pist_cyc"

// nade cycle
seta flash "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_grenade:flash_grenade; set nade_cyc vstr smoke; ^1flash"
seta smoke "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_grenade:smoke_grenade; set nade_cyc vstr flash; ^1smoke"
seta nade_cyc "vstr flash"
bind f7 "vstr nade_cyc"

// perk3 cycle
seta impact "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_perk3:specialty_bulletpenetration;set perk3_cyc vstr run; ^1impact"
seta run "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_perk3:specialty_longersprint; set perk3_cyc vstr impact; ^1sprint"
seta perk3_cyc "vstr impact"
bind f10 "vstr perk3_cyc"

// attach cycle
seta dot "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary_attachment:assault:reflex; set att_cyc vstr silence; ^1att-reddot; "
seta silence "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary_attachment:assault:silencer; set att_cyc vstr none; ^1att-silencer"
seta none "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary_attachment:assault:none; set att_cyc vstr dot; ^1att-none; "
seta att_cyc "vstr dot"
bind f9 "vstr att_cyc"

// perk2 cycle
seta damage "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_perk2:specialty_bulletdamage;set perk2_cyc vstr sleight; ^1damage"
seta sleight "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_perk:specialty_fastreload; set perk2_cyc vstr damage; ^1reload"
seta perk2_cyc "vstr damage"
bind f11 "vstr perk2_cyc"

//whos yo daddy?
thx for sharing
btw is there something like 'echo' to only show a text on your own side ? say_team is a bit too spammy
no but theres a solution by having displayed "unknown command: <text here>"

like in my script " ..^1m4"
ehm so which one is the better script ?!

im a noob @ cod4, but how can i bind my own created class on a button? :D

just want to press the button to respawn next time with that class.

and btw, do u know any good cod4 community site? forum?

german prefered
gij zijt nen freek gij, ga wa op u brug springe :P
You still have to manually switch between classes + you have to decide before strat time or you have to go into the menu anyway
yes but its handy when you want to change weapons within the same class or change perks, attachments, stun, smoke etc
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