Setting up PAM4 3.1


Just a quick post to let people know how to setup the current version of PAM with the crossfire, cb and enemy down rule sets.

For server admins who have full FTP access, you can do all of this yourself. Server admins who have limited FTP access will need to contact their game server provider to upload the files. If you have a CoD 4 server from game-hosting, their version of PAM is up to date so you will not need to do any of this.

First off, you'll need to download the following files which have been checked and tested:

PAM4 3.1 with crossfire mode
The latest crossfire rule set
The latest ClanBase rule sets
The latest EnemyDown rule sets

It is very important that you make sure you upload this version of the pam400_beta3.1.iwd if you want to use the crossfire pam_mode.

These files then need to be uploaded to the pam4 folder on your servers FTP. You will need to send all of the above files to your game server provider if you do not have full FTP access.

If you are uploading these yourself with full FTP access, don't forget to STOP your server before doing so!

Once all of the files have been uploaded, your pam4 folder should look like this:

image: pamrulesqb8

Now when you go into your server, you will be able to select the rule sets using the pam_mode commands.

You may have noticed that some leagues have been modifying the actual core version of PAM4 to include their rule sets. This is the wrong way to do it and bullet-worm has stressed this on his forums.

What's the point of doing it this way?[/u]

Having the rule sets in their own separate .iwd files means that if a new version of PAM is released, the ONLY file you need to change is the core PAM4 .iwd file. All rule sets will still work and it will mean that newer versions of PAM can be used much more quickly than previous releases. Like wise, if a league releases a new rule set, there is no need to mess about with the actual PAM4.iwd file, you simply upload the new version of the leagues .iwd file and you're good to go!

Please note that PAM4 is still in beta so for this method to work, we are reliant on the leagues contacting bullet-worm if any changes are made to the names of the pam_modes.

I hope this helps people to setup their servers correctly. If you have any questions, leave a message after the beep.


All rulesets are correct as of 5th January 2008.
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