axel @ cdc?

So i still wish to go to cdc4 and if some clan needs a "new" 6th something like that im avi. I can pay for my own, so If you are intrested pm me @ #acab-et
axel is nice player
leer fucking engels debiel
like there still would be clans with incomplete lineups
actually there is,
Quote[17:06:19] chry )) sandi
[17:08:26] sandi )) chry
[17:09:36] chry )) you going to cdc
[17:09:37] chry )) becaus
[17:09:39] chry )) because
[17:09:43] chry )) we need still one for cdc

and that was today : ))

btw axel ask them or smth ^^
Well, I just saw that they've lost vs Visualize :P
gl m8<3, ur going to have fun without me for sometime cos I'm going inactive : )
ofc you go inactive when lan is coming!
ur to first that figured that out : ((
stop hyping that since noone gives a wet fuck about you, k?
like you would know anything about me?
my point is: noone doesnt even want to know anything about you, maybe nirv and other nerds with mustache & glasses who you played with but just dont fucking hype it here, in xfire, that some random who played with cheater team quits ET

did I make myself clear?
axel at cdc = mystic at low acc !

Result: FAILED
gl willem <3
Bastard is u!
gl man !
go axel!
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