[center]Calling all Call of Duty 4 players and server admins![/center]
Two days ago, bullet-worm stripped the competition mod of choice of it's BETA tag and released a FINAL version. This final version adds various dvars as well as slapping all of the known bugs right across the kisser...

There were a few rule sets left out of the FINAL release so this post will get your server(s) up and running with those missing rule sets. The files needed to do this are as follows:

PAM4 FINAL rule sets[/u]

The PAM4 FINAL rule set .rar file has the following rules included:

:: ClanBase version 1.2 (various pam_modes) *updated* 17/01/2008
:: Crossfire version 4 (pam_mode crossfire) *updated* 27/01/2008
:: CoD4QCUP (pam_mode codqcup)
:: Enemy Down (various pam_modes)
:: ESL (various pam_modes)

All of these rules are correct and up to date as of January 27th 2008

If you have full FTP access, you need to STOP your server and then upload all of the above files into your pam4 folder. Now START your server and you will be able to use the above rule sets.

If you do not have full FTP access to your server, you will need to contact your server provider and get them to upload the files for you. As usual, if you are using a server from, all of these rule sets are already installed and ready to go!

What do i do if one of the rule sets gets updated?

The beauty of PAM is that all rule sets are kept separately. If you need to update a rule set you simply delete the old rule set .iwd file from your pam4 folder and replace it with the new one. Again, if you don't have full FTP access you will need to contact your server provider to do it for you.

For those of you attending the CDC4 LAN in February, the crossfire config which was updated on 27th Jan will be the exact same config we will be using at CDC4.

I hope this of use and if you feel i need to add anything or need things clarified, please leave a comment.

Thanks to: Chandler, bullet-worm and everyone at
looks good
looks bad
Where can I see what this mod changes?
Would like to know how pcws are compared to publics.
Completely different. For a start all the perks are limited and weapons are restricted.

All the weather/smoke/fog effects get removed too.
Isn't there a complete list somewhere?
No idea as all rule sets are different.
hey. was thinking about starting a new thread about this, but as i didn't want you to "miss out" on it i thought i just reply you somewhere so you got a notification ;p

anyways. now - i'm not sure if this is or isn't implemented in the latest version of pam_mode crossfire. but my request is that you restrict (read: remove) the scorpion, just as CoDQCup have in their ruleset.

the scorpion is just utter bullshit tbh, put a silencer on it and it's worse then the p90. it shoots straight, it doesn't have a lower damage output over distance and the actual distance it can do damage ain't affected. you also do the same amount of damage through walls as you do without the wall in the way from what i've heard. it's simply just bugged as hell and it completely ruins the game if you face a team that knows how to (ab)use it. i have ofcourse tried it myself and even though you kill whoever you face and at whatever distance - it just ain't fun -.-

if you've tried it yourself i guess you know what i'm talking about.

so please, could we see a version 4 of the crossfire ruleset which doesn't allow the scorpion? :)

We are aware of the scorpion gun and it's abilities and a final crossfire rule set will hopefully be available this weekend.
nice, cheers for the the fast heads up :)
Should have news imo.
how can i see all pam_mode s ?
and how to call timeout plz?
Timeout is called by pressing B 4 1
Or, if you have changed your key bindings, the timeout is used via the quick chat menu so you'll just have to rebind it.
ok thx.
how can i bind timeout then :D
If you bind quick chat to G, you press G and a menu pops up with the options.
In the new pam you can turn off exploding cars :)

Should be done as there is too many cars around and they are soo random. Nades are random and powerful, dont need random boosting.
Believe it or not, the cars balance most maps.

If you remove the cars, the pace of the game would be ridiculous as there would be nothing to stop rushes in certain parts of maps.
You can still stop-nade very easily :) its not like the nades isnt already nukes :o
I can tell you haven't played many CoD 4 games :)
haha i 2nd that
is there a way to turn off the rain ?
and via quick menu (4 1) i still cant do pause:
cannot call timeout: no timeouts remaining (with pam_mode cb)
Clanbase still haven't updated their rules for the new PAM so timeouts will not work and all the weather effects remain on.
ok ty man
pause now works via:
/rcon pam_timeout_limit 4
/rcon pam_timeout_length 300 (5 mins pause :D)
i hope cb will turn off the weather shit and backgroundsounds 2.
they will in time, by then people will have moved on to other things they still haven't adressed

It's newest CB Rule set (pam_mode cb) + All Rains/Sounds and other stuff distabled. (I modificated it myself so use it at own risk in leagues)
Guys its command ( /rcon pam_mode cb ) start cb rules in Pam4 Final ?
\rcon pam_mode cb

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