looking for a clan / ET / 6v6


I'm looking for a skilled Enemy Territory clan with stable lineup and mature ppl.
A clan should train 4/5 a week, possess basic stuff as: game and voice server, mirc channel... I am not looking for new clans which ppl love defining as "2 weeks clans".

About me:
I'm 19 yo with decent lvl of english, have been playing ET for about 4 years, med skilled.
I believe I will find a clan where ppl care about a team and want to improve their skills.


if u're interested u can contact me via crossfire pm, xfire: stornik, mIRC @ qnet /msg StorN
wow man, long time no see!
Very friendly guy, dunno about your skill cuz i haven't
seen u play in a while but u have been playing ET for a
long time...a good player with real skill and gameknowledge!

nice guy to talk with :]
gl guy ;)
gl Storn, hope you find a decent clan ;) you deserve it!

Take him, he's a nice guy :)
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