I'm not an idiot :XD

Now that I've your attention...

#boeie has closed its doors and is now a fanchannel (dont come pls)
(fucking super)

So I'm cless again 8( (well again... didnt have a clan for over 4 months or smth, except boeie, but that wasnt really a clan, just a tip: Never make a clan with sup3r)

lots of years of etpub experience (backraping & leaning is my style, and as stupid as this may sound, it always works in a random war)
1 year etpro (public) experience
merc experience (i mustve merced for i dunno how many ppl during these years, so i know almost everyone's tactics, almost)
I can do every class pretty decently except rifle (too boring) & mortar (rather shoot some people with a smg than to lame around with mortar) (but prefer being medic [rambo or reviving, i dont care])
better than collector/miami/ricardo
better than sup3r in almost everything except getting banned here on crossfire
better than ...
don't have cool exclans
my internet sometimes goes down, but boeie about that

a clan

contact: msg me here on c-fire

haha some admin chnged my title, thx
what did super do this time?
he stabbed me in my back while i was already down
i mean.. what he do. Super afaik is a goodish guy.
gibbed you?
rah rah rah rah
hes a kid and a jew. What do you expect?
he isnt a jew
jew is a term of abuse
still mad that i owned your btj some months ago? seriously get over it =)
Hes polish... what did you expect?
and gl
what can u expect from such a guy? nothing
So what can we expect from an idiot calling himself a leaker of etbot, playing with 3 busted cheaters +DDDDDDDDD?
what can we expect from a 67 year old guy called unaimed?
some months ago you got ban for cheat? :| :D
gL my dear <3
gl turkish ;D
boie sucked anyway
laat hem met rust :DDD
warned u about sup3r :XD
nice player <3
lolololol @ what i can offer...

noobie imo :O!!!!!
haha al7 GL <33 :D
GL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes you are!
Quote by al7 ProfileQUIT ET

no comment...
u suck
gl ali !

maak mss een clan met alle gebuste spelers van ET die hun ban nu weg is & terugkomen!
Zou nice zijn!

gl ex hacker
super is overgeliefd blijkbaar

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