free slots in ET 6on6 cup : #Sun-cup

Hello, we introduced you a new ET 6on6 ODC : #Sun-cup (The first edition will start : Sunday, February the 3rd)

We already get : 11 teams and there is 5 free slots !

(teams atm : split - - cZar - dESIRE - uGaming - re-play - DnC - unplugged - S-minded - run4skill - touppinki)

1st round : 15:00 CET
2nd round : 15:45 CET
Semifinals : 16:30 CET
3rd place match : 17:15 CET
FINAL : 18:30 CET (ETTV)

rules :

- 16 teams will be chosen among registered teams, the rest will be in mind to replace any dropout

- Only one merc allowed by team ! (but you must find the merc before your inscription)

- we need at least two teams substitutes in case there is a problem

- ONLY REAL TEAMS ARE ALLOWED (no mix, no fakers)

- To sign up : just pm an @ of #Sun-cup and ask to join with informations : (clan-name, IRC channel, server ON/OFF, Line-up & Yawn links for all your players)

- All your players must put the clan tag ! if they think they are too strong to make it, they will be returned and you will have to replace them...

- delay of prescript for busted is : 1 year !

- All the contacts MUST be in #Sun-cup with real nickname (nick registered in the website as "contact") 30 minutes before the first match

- Mappool for each round : (Maps are forced, no possibility to change)
# 1st round ---------> supplydepot
# 2nd round ---------> braundorf_b4
# Semifinals --------> bremen_b2
# 3rd place match ---> supplydepot - sw_goldrush_te
# Final -------------> supplydepot - sw_goldrush_te

- if there is two fullhold (equality) --> the decider map is : Frostbite

- To decide allies or axis, side make a cointoss

- Server config : cb6 (clanbase 6on6 config)

- In case a team violates a rule, they will lose the match by forfeit. If you think your opponent violated a rule, you have to convince an admin with your proof. Make demos ! (autoaction is your friend...)

Funny prize : our respect \o/

We are currently looking for euro admins who can help us to organize, translate, support the cup with ettv and arbitrate matches, contact us !

Cup infos :


IRC contacts : convct - YkNg

Our public server is already opened (stopwatch - sk & /kill allowed) : #split >> Public SW' : GL HF
can merc
ETmerc avi aswell imo..
re play <3
Nice :) merc and GL HF
gl cZar <3333
We are currently looking for admins
contact us !
unplugged bunch of cheaters !!!!!!!!!
up : only 2 or 3 slots :) atm pm us
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